D&D for beginners

Besides the rules, dice and character charts, what else would a beginner need in order to set up an offline D&D session?

If you can’t find a DM that has some experience then you’d need a copy of the DM’s guide and the monstrous manual, but once you have that or someone who knows what they’re doing you should be all set, all you need is an idea for a quest. If however you can’t find a DM with experience then you might consider getting a prefabricated adventure to begin with.

Chips, Soda, and hookers.

A good sense of humor helps too, especially if you play with a bunch of new players aswell.

Heh, I remember the magical well in the very first game I DM’d.

cleric drinks from it, gets a +1 wis bonus

Thief: I think I’ll take a leak in it, I just had a 1,5 liter potion.

zapped by lightning…

Originally posted by Valkyrie Esker
Chips, Soda, and hookers.

I’ll bear that in mind, thanks! :hahaha;

You only need a DM’s guide, players…and yeah…an open mind to Criticism.

You’ll need a table with some basics on monsters, and if you’re going deep into roleplaying, a table with some basic info on the lands you’re on help too. Things like item prices, where to get stuff, location of taverns…