d&d character sheets

can anyone tell me where i can find some printable d&d character sheets. please. :moogle:

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3.5e and 3e

(ok lets try the srite again tell me if you see it)

thank you peirson.

now could someone explane some of the stuff on here?

whats a spell save?

and whats a grapple? :moogle:

Have you ever noticed when a spell says stuff like “will negates”?, well, “spell save” is the check people need to overcome to be unafected by some of your spells. If my memory doesn’t fail, the DC for spell saves is 10 + Int or Cha modifier for arcane spells OR Wis modifier for divine spells + spell level

“Grapple” is a special kind of attack, used to hold an opponent, or to make an action that requires your opponents to stay quiet (like eating their brains)

To make a grapple, you need to make a touch attack against your opponent. This attack provokes an attack of opportunity, if the attack of opportunity does damage, your grappling attempt fails. After that, you and your opponent make opposed grapple checks (1d20 + STR modifier + special size modifier*), if your opponent grapple check result is better tahn yours, your grappling attempt fails.

If you succeed your grapple check, you get hold of your opponent for one round, and inflict subdual damage to him (Medium characters do 1d3, small characters do 1d2). After the round has passed, you and your opponent have to make opposed grapple checks again, to check if he gets free of the grapple or not.

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If you are serious about getting into D&D, the 3.5 Player’s Handbook isnt expensive and is a nice resource. Good reading material for potty breaks and all around bordom fixer.

And while on the topic of D&D, I’m running a campagin set in Ivalice (from FFTactics) 6 years before the Lion War, near the end of the 50 Year War.