Cyborg 009

Just started yesterday and I have good hopes for this series. What do you people think about how it’ll turn out? And yes, before you ask, I do like that sort of animation every once and a while.

I agree. The animation was fine and so far the plot looks good. I like it.

I only caught the first fifteen minutes or so, but it looked good. I liked the action…very energetic, to say the least.


Cyborg 009 is one of the first original “Group of uniformed superheroes”-type of mangas. Of course, there are several Anime of it too, but it originally started as a Manga. Y’see, these ‘cyborgs’ are folks that have been captured and modified into cyborgs by a group known as the Black Ghost.

Our heroes rebel against their creators and start fighting them. One Black Ghost scientist joins the cyborgs’ side and helps them out. Of course, the group is very diverse, and they have problems of their own. The group includes a psionic baby, a strong native american, a Juvenile delinquent with superspeed, Eastern German escapee with more ammo than god and so forth. Very good, considering the wear and tear brought by time. remember, it was ORIGINAL back then.

ive only seen it in newtype and in this one pretty good yaoi picture of what i think was the protagonist.

So far, I find it full of cliches… and I don’t like the Old-Fashioned character designs. But, I realize that all this stuff was original back then, as Mabat pointed out.

The one thing that works for me is the characterization. I find myself caring for the characters, and actually moved by the tragedies. Can’t wait for a deeper exploration of each character, particularly 007 (the shapeshifter) I find him the funniest! :slight_smile:

ITS A PIECE OF EXCREMENT. Badly drawn, cheap plot, and standardized character personalities. EVEN THE UNIFORMS ARE DUMB LOOKING!!! pant pant

sort of Sounds like Kaikider… is this the one on Toonami?

Yeah it is the one on toonami.

The animation style kind of bugs me out a bit but I’ll watch more to see if the plot is any good.

I hate living in sweden, otherwise I could have seen it…
(Have two eps of it on VHS and I think the tape is almost older than me.)

Gah, I wanna see it! Been wanting to see more of it for over ten years… :frowning:

But there’s at least two really cool things on the eps we’ve got.
002 saying “You remind me of yourself” :slight_smile: and 007 as a dolphin firing his laser gun. XD