Cybercompost is in the hospital

aparently he slipped on a banana peal and has been in a coma for a week. everyone pray for him, they say he might never wake up.

and he has dyssentry.

You should start sentences with capital letters, Carlos.

lets start now… EAT ME!

I’m just a puppet :frowning:

Are you serious? Or joking? Cause, the thread title seemed pretty serious. And what is dyssentry?

An inflammatory disorder of the lower intestinal tract, usually caused by a bacterial, parasitic, or protozoan infection and resulting in pain, fever, and severe diarrhea, often accompanied by the passage of blood and mucus.

Charlemagne, you are so not right.

Guh, I’m sorry, I cant live this lie, I cant go on with this farce. <strike>CyberCompost</strike> somone aproached me and told me to start a rumor about him. But its just gone too far. I’m sorry if I worried anyone. please, close this thread.

He must have blocked me awhile ago :frowning: I miss him and he hurt my feelings :frowning:

I knew not to believe this, should that J in your name mean jester?

its stands for Jsouless puppet ;_; I hate myself, I wish -I- was dead!

I feel really bad about making this thread. just take it down. please. god.

OH NO! :booster:

omgwtf I just found out that he won the lottery. That lucky bastard. He bought some kind of a kickass EXPENSIVE car and then lost everything in a solitaire tournament. Now he apparently lives in said car and can only make it to rpgc via his local library computer. Which is booked solid for many months.

whoa I just got a telegram from him saying that he just found out that he has a secret brother who is a decendent from the Japanese emperor Akihito. apparently he’s going to move to Japan and start up his on adult movie store.

Will you please stop these crazy rumors?

Everyone who is concerned, cybercompost/roun/loki is fine. He <i>has</i> however, lost all his possesions in a freak accident involving a badger.

I was gonna say, Dev you just are totally uncool! But you’re lucky I read the last sentence.

I hear he got into trouble with the Norse gods. Something about playing tricks on everyone, or something.

Killing Balder is not something you usually get away with.

aahhh, I inadvertantly made a cool thread. LETS ALL MAKE CRAZY RUMOURS! AHAHHAHAHAHA~!

Charlemange’s real name is Muhammad.

There is only one God, and Mohammad is his prophet.