Holy. Shit. And I haven’t even beaten the damn game yet. Its not SotN , but considering the system’s limitations, not fucking bad at all.

hell yeah, dude, it looks frickin awsome! I’m so getting that.

<img src=“”> God, AoS kicks ass. Probably my favourite Castlevania game.

Wait, Aria of Sorrow? I thought you were talking about the new on for the PS2, my bad. I already got AoS, and beat the shit out of it! It was frickin great!!

what’re those blasts of white light that go across the screen occasionally?

That’s a sky fish. You gotta be extremely lucky or have the Chrono mage’s soul (bunny with a clock. Yeah, bunnies rock) to slow down time and hit it.

And yes, AoS is the best one for GBA despite the horrible level design.

what’s special about sky fish?

Just another monster you can get a spirit from.

It increases your attack and luck (one of the few that increases luck) sharply for a time once you activate it. It’s nothing too good unless you really wanna get a certain soul since it casts 60 mp per second of activation.

Unless you get the Chaos (infinite MP) ring

AoS is easily the best CV game I’ve played, I haven’t played SotN yet though.

The soul system is hella-good, if not fucking annoying at times. My only dissapointment about this game is that it’s way too easy.

I see. What do the ancient books do ? And AoS isn’t too easy, I found it fairly challenging at times. cv sotn’s the best, but its easier.

AoS is actually extremely short.

And ancient books give you clues on what souls to equip for the battle against the final boss to get the best (or better) ending.

I already got 100% souls and the Chaos ring…and then used it to defeat the Boss Rush mode and get the Positron Cannon and the two swords (the Crissangem is back, albiet weaker and it’s named the Valmanway, but it’s a similar idea).

…God I’m the most boring person ever…

hmm shit, looks like I’ll have to kill nightmares.One of the few monsters I didn’t go after vehemently. What’s the first book? I remember seeing it but I couldn’t find it anymore. I know its in a place I had to do the slide thing , but I can’t find that place in the castle anymore -_-… and where do you get chaos rings from? hmmm…unlimited red minotaur axes. La violencia.

Yeah, MinoAxe is why you use it. The Chaos Ring is, oh, somewhere in the Chaos Dimension, towards the end, I don’t really remember where. It kinda looks like the Famicom logo on a ring.

oh, and speaking of special pieces of equipment, in Hard mode Drac pays for his thievery in SotN because you can find three of HIS stuffs lying around. Haven’t bothered to get that far yet but I’ve seen his cape and scythe.

1-where’s the first book
2-where’s the chaos dimension (is it that black door thing? if so , how do I get in?)

1: I don’t remember, you might buy it from (Doom?)hammer, and you don’t need it, you only need the skillz it hints at.

Flame Demon, Giant Bat (you get automatically), Succubus

2: Y’know where the Kicker Skeleton is? (Get his soul, too, it’s the last ability soul) Below that, where you get thrown out, if you defeat whatshisface with the three souls equipped while you’re doing so, it’ll open for you.

The first book is in the Study. You need to slide under a wall to get to it.

I think that’s the first one…