Cutest. Auction. Description. Ever.

And I do mean it in the litteral sense :slight_smile:

That’s just too adorable =P

Someone badly wanted an excuse to put a picture of their bunnies on the web. :smiley:

BUNNEH!! ^____^

Wee, killable things!

Doesn’t LongHairMike post here?

Funny how Rini and Usako are both somewhat Sailor Moonish names, catch my drift? :wink:

Whenever I see Nulani say something I can’t help but be reminded of the evil in our world. Evils like Black Mages. And stuff.

Oh my gosh, if a broken PS2 controller actually turns out to be worth something on Ebay…I mean, I know there are die hard fans for the Halo 2 thing that was on here, but I mean come on…

Wonder how much my Sega Genesis and that old Alladin cartridge would go…

Nod Nod

And…Bwehnehs!!! Huggles them then takes them to Bwehneh Land

Bunnies are cute.

They should put like a toddler’s safety barrier to the room the PS2 is in, or something to keep the fuzzy hopping things out.

and…BUNNIES! =^.^=

Bunnies. <3

And Nul, freaky avvie.


And yeah, I was wondering where Nul’s avvie comes from

The eyes in her avatar look like Hiei’s from Yu Yu Hakesho.

Cute little bunnies. ^^
Now I wanna play Spyro and skyrocket a bunch of bunnies.

Since this seems to be the fad of this thread: BUNNEH!!!111!1!!1!!!111elevenses

<a href=“”>He used to</a>

How much for my old cat-scratched Sega Genesis?

That’s Skuld from “Oh My Goddess!” if I’m not mistaken.

Those beings are cute. @_@ How scary!

I think I saw that guy at woodfield mall once…while I worked there for three years. There’s not many guys with hair like that who wear 80s metal shirts in the chicago burbs, but I guess they’d all look the same to me anyway if there were.