Current Tracklist for guitar hero 3

From wikipedia:

“3’s and 7’s” – Queens of the Stone Age[27]
“Barracuda” – Heart
“Cherub Rock” – Smashing Pumpkins
“Cities on Flame with Rock and Roll” – Blue Öyster Cult
“Cult of Personality” – Living Colour
“Even Flow” – Pearl Jam
“Knights of Cydonia” – Muse
“La Grange” – ZZ Top[23]
“Lay Down” – Priestess
“The Metal” – Tenacious D
“Miss Murder” – AFI
“Mississippi Queen” – Mountain[27]
“My Name Is Jonas” – Weezer
“The Number of the Beast” – Iron Maiden[23]
“One” – Metallica[28]
“Paint It, Black” – The Rolling Stones
“Paranoid” – Black Sabbath[27]
“Raining Blood” – Slayer
“Reptilia” – The Strokes[27]
“Rock and Roll All Nite” – Kiss
“Rock You Like a Hurricane” – Scorpions[24]
“Sabotage” – Beastie Boys
“School’s Out” – Alice Cooper
“She Builds Quick Machines” – Velvet Revolver[29]
“Slow Ride” – Foghat
“Suck My Kiss” – Red Hot Chili Peppers[23]
“Through the Fire and Flames” – DragonForce[23][30]
“Welcome to the Jungle” – Guns N’ Roses[31]

That’s right. DragonForce, Slayer, and Iron Maiden are all represented. For those who haven’t seen the tracking to the DragonForce song…

This installment should be intense. Discuss.

Mississipi Queen? Wow, the game actually got good.

Wow. talk about an improvement from guitar hero 2. the first songs on guitar hero 1 were really good. Then they put a good amount of crapy songs on the 2nd one. This is a big improvement.

Through the Fire and Flames is ridiculously difficult. It’s plays at least a difficulty higher then whatever you’re at. I failed it on medium. Medium. I’ve never failed anything on medium, ever, hell I only got under 5 stars on one song in GH2.

It will kick your ass and rape your children in front of you.

Underoath signed over a song to Guitar Hero III…I’m not positive what though

The solo to one better be the fuck in the game.

Right, because we’re somehow going to remove a chunk of the song. The part that people would want to play, that somehow makes sense Cro. Oh wait.

Sorry, its just a lot of the covers I’ve heard tend to remove it. Didn’t mean to come off all assholish either. My bad. Looking at the track list though… I have to say, its given me quite the chubby.

I think GH3’s version of One uses the master track. No cover there if that’s true.

It’s not a cover.