Curbs suck

So, here I am, 400 miles from home, driving along and minding my own business. I come over the top of a bridge and find a car stopped in my lane, right on the other side of a patch of ice. Given my lack of ability to brake, coupled with my lack of ability to properly change lanes, I was left with two options: The car ahead, or the curb to the side.

My split-second reasoning told me that the curb didn’t have a lawyer, but the idiot ahead of me did, so I chose to aim for the curb. Only my tire hit, and I bounced back into the lane, where I was able to continue rolling along as I had done before. There was however one distinct change since before the incident: My steering was kaput.

So I pulled my car into a nearby gas station with much effort, and called my relatives who live less than an hour from the town that I am broke-down in. With a lot of family help, and some luck on the side, I made it home, but I had to leave my car back in the winterlands of southern W’sconsin.

Long story short: my car got busted up by a curb 400 miles colder than where I live, and that sucks.

Anyone else have any fun “this is where my car stopped working” stories?

My car stopped working after I hit a truck.

Man, that sucked.

My car stopped working after I flipped it.

my car stopped working after a mad scientist blew it up with a laser-beam and thenn dissapeared into another dimension.

What the hell, you’re not even old enough to drive.

My roommate’s car stopped working after I leveled a mailbox with it.

My car won’t stop working, it’s some sort of unkillable zombie car with pieces literally falling off it. It emits an unearthly groaning sound, and smells like the grave.

My old car wasn’t fit to drive after my mother ripped off the driver side mirror when backing her truck down the driveway. That was luckily fixed within a month. And it paid for my RPGCali trip too.

And CHuh, you need to go on Pimp My Ride. Seriously. Didn’t your car have the golf ball size hole in it? Or was that Jo’s?

sorry my brother was home,he was angry I got him in trouble I did not log off.need I say more so sorry.

then who the fuck flamed me before the post edit?

I said ALEX gets stress hedache**ideahere is how to explain-
in order and detail
1 I carelessly go away from the computer to work on a project for school
2 Some time later Alex comes in and apparently gets a “bright” idea
3 I come in and see it says new posts on the curbs thread.(new by simmer!..ugh)(I was confused)
4 I edited and then apologized
sorry again.BTW he probably posted the first one being funny(probably the only thing he was going to do if no one said anything), and then seeing anyone question His Royal Bratyness flamed you.

Cala, was this a “whoa shit lets not hit that person, I’ll aim for the hill instead – wait now I am upside down” sort of car-flip, or was this a “hey, wouldn’t it be cool if me and five buddies turned my car upside down” sort of car-flip. I ask because in the past month I have seen both occur to the same neighbors of a friend of mine, with two different cars.

“Woah shit, that’s an oncoming car, those branches on the side of the road look safe” flip.

My brother’s car stopped working when he flipped it avoiding a deer. “Completely crunchified” would be an accurate description.

He has some kind of eternal hatred towards deer now.

Just more reasons to drive a Volvo, as I see it. I’ve got an uncle who’s a trucker, he saw an old 240 DL get rear-ended on the freeway by an 18-wheeler, crumple the back end, nose into the guardrail, destroyed the front end, axle and engine, and when they stopped to see if the people inside were okay, not only were they, but <i>all four doors still opened and closed perfectly</i>.

Like we need any more.

My car stopped working BEFORE I could ever drive it.

You see, it was a gift from my best friend’s mother (her old car, she had just bought herself a new one) but I hadn’t gotten my driver’s license yet, so I lent it to my sister while I got one. This took about a week.

By then, it broke down. Dunno how. And fixing it costs more than I can afford right now.

That was last year. It’s still sitting in my sister’s backyard.

My parents car died on different occasions, but luckily it was always within walking distance of an auto shop or the house. We finally traded it in a little while back. After being abandoned it went into a life of crime and was busted for carrying drugs.

My car died on the interstate and we, miracously, coasted downhill for a quarter-mile while still on the interstate, coasted off the off-ramp, and somehow coasted through 3 green lights to a gas station that was conveniotly placed were the road curved. I might not seem like a biggie, but I live in SD and these roads are crazy yo.

Well, the good news is that I just got word that my car is fixed.

The bad news is that its still ober 300miles away… there went my weekend.

My car once died in front of some train tracks, 5 more feet and it would have been on the train tracks. Fortunatly some nice people at Taco Bell let me use their phone.

Oh yeah, one really icy day, I hit my mailbox, and a person from school happened to be walking around outside when it happend. Everyone at school knew about it the next day, and jokes about mailboxes jumping right in front of me were pleantyful