CTA: Diablo II - Lord of Destruction

Diablo II - Lord of Destruction

We all, at one point, enjoyed this classic, back then when it was popular.
Its still hell’uva fun even to this day, the click-fest has aged really well.
And now you can download it directly from Blizzard, just need your CD-Keys. No monthly fees, no micro-payment. Just raw fun.

I say we group up and play it all over again, at least one last time before Starcraft 2 and Diablo III comes out. I have a necromancer (my favorite) already kicking demon arse already.

USEast Ladder
Character name: Daerth
Account: *Booken

I still play this game a lot, but only on single player because I play HC, and lag pisses me off even when I don’t. Right now I have a 43 Amazon at the Glacial Trail, and it’s a pretty fun time.

I have to say though, Blizzard really fucked up some programming somewhere when it comes to physical attacks. This game has serious issues related to hit% and attacking, issues that make it so you’ll almost never hit more than five or six times out of ten, regardless of what your hit% stat might be. Physical characters have been almost useless since D2C came out, and it’s been one of my goals for a long time to actually take an untwinked fighter through hell mode, which is imo just about the hardest challenge this game has to offer. Mages, by contrast, are insanely damaging, infallibly accurate, and stupidly low-risk.

If Blizzard would fix the scaling, balance the classes, and stop letting monsters like bug swarms drop items like plate mail, this would probably be one of the better games I’ve played.

How ironic D2 gets brought up…I actually (finally) got the game a few days ago and started playing. See, I never really got into Diablo when it came out, so I decided to see what all the fuss is about and try it. So far, I’m having quite a time with my Necromancer, and just made it to Act II.

I can already see why it’s such an awesome game, even today.

The way I see it, every situation in hell difficulty has the right curse, the right aura, the right teammate. Or a great mercenary. They build the game on multiplayer, and with the hundred immunes, it show. There’s also alot less physical immunes. (Ghosts… and thats it).

Sorcs have to deal with the hundred monsters immune to their spell and let their mercenary do the work - wich can take forever on some. Necromancers will soon find out that every friggin undead is resistant or even immune to poison, and that bone spells isn’t that great a screen cleaner.

Hardcore is fun. I didn’t think about it this time, I went multiplayer so I could access my characters from my new laptop. (:ark:) In the end however its no different from softcore, except that you have to be extra careful.

Physical characters don’t even get help from a mercenary for immunes.

What do you mean by physical characters? There aren’t many classes that rely on physical attacks at all anymore. I honestly can’t think of one other than Barb… And I’m not even sure that they are physical, I just haven’t looked at that class since WW was raped. I think you’re doing something wrong with attacking mobs. The hit% is accurate, but if mobs are walking around while you’re trying to attack them you can miss because they might run out of your attack range while you’re in the animation, just like you can run out of the way of a spell attack while its animation is going

Edit: And good luck taking an untwinked anything through hell mode man. By untwinked do you mean no mf runs or no help from other characters?

No help from other characters, and MF runs are okay, but I’m not going to do hundreds of Baal runs at a time or anything.

Monsters running out of range is only one of the things that bothers me, and it only bothers me because for some reason none of the melee classes can attack and run at the same time. So, you’ll go to attack a monster that’s running away from you, and your fighter will stop on a dime before swinging his weapon, giving even your slowest opponents enough time to take a step, which is usually all they need to guarantee a miss. Another is that if you’re standing in a certain direction relative to whatever you’re trying to hit, you could stand there swinging for 10 minutes and your attacks won’t register at all, but if you step away and hit the monster from a different direction, suddenly you’re dealing damage again. The original Diablo had that same problem and I don’t know why it’s still there.

But, even without those bugs, I’m pretty sure the Hit% your character screen gives you is 10 or 20% higher than the game actually uses. I notice that even if I’m just standing there hacking away at something I have a 95% chance to hit, I’ll be missing 4 or 5 times out of 10 just because it seems like the game wants me to :confused: (And yes, I know some monsters have a hidden chance to block, but I’m not talking about that either.)

I’d rather clear an entire act solo than do a hundred baal runs myself.

My only pet peeves with D2X in its current state are hammerdins (hi-end magic damage spam), Enigma Armors (everyone teleports…) and the thousand gold spammers bots running around in Battle Net. The trade system needs a overhaul (forum gold the best so far), but the rest looks just fine to me.

Hades, the hit and run issue is balanced by the fact that you can hit-lock ranged monsters. The faster you attack, the less likely they’ll be able to run away before the next hit.

Physical characters don’t even get help from a mercenary for immunes.

Iron Wolves are mercenaries last I checked :booster:

My favorite build is the Death Knight, aka the commandomancer. Its the standard summoner, except that the necromancer is equipped with full plate armor, a shield, and a good mace. Curse in, melee along your minions. Go for the shamans while your minions kills the rest. Its the third I made, and its quite effective even in hell. Amp breaks physical immunes, decreptify + Clay Golem murders the bosses, Dim Vision for ranged monsters, and finally lower resist when you’re tagged with a caster. Best weapon to start out is Steel (TirEl), easy to make and to upgrade.

It really shines when you stack auras (via Beast, Bramble, Mercenary Aura, etc). I still need the basic summoner gears unfortunatly (Leoric, UDcrown, Humonculus, etc)

I can’t agree with you more with this, and I know what you’re talking about and I’m pretty sure it’s lag… At least that’s my only guess

One-shotted by Griswold in Tristram because he didn’t take in account the curse and the extra strong mod.
Alongside him died a dozen skeletons, a golem and Pathram, his companion.

Oh boy am I glad I didn’t go hardcore.

Hardcore is crazy

I have yet to play a serious Hardcore character, but now I really wanna make one

A PK paladin or something. Maybe a PK sorc, I dunno how realistic a paladin is on hardcore when I have no items

I recently started playing diablo 2 again and thanks to this thread i have also finally upgraded to the expansion.

I’m mostly playing as my Druid(FiddlersGreen) perhaps we’ll run into each other.

Diablo has it’s issues but it’s still good times.

Just found Trang-Oul’s Wing while killing stuff in Lost City (Nightmare).
Its awesome.

My necro died this morning in the Arcane Sanctuary and I lost all my good eqiups and 17k gold. Goddammit.

I’ve actually considered installing and replaying the original Diablo… talk about old school. I had some good times with D2 though.

The summoner got you?

There’s a D2 mod called ‘Back to Hellfire’. Look for it. :slight_smile:

Oh, here’s a fun fact.
The summoner? Its D1’s sorcerer. Same deal with the wanderer (Warrior) and Blood Raven (Rogue)

Actually, it was me being stupid and got surrounded by those fire mages and specter-thingies and forgot to hit Esc. Was trying to raise some skeletons and my merc is retarded in that place. Anyways, it’s not all bad, since I figured out you can get your items back. I’m stupid (then again, I’ve never really played D2 before).

Summoner wasn’t that hard, but tricky. Then I forgot to activate the last waypoint at Canyon of the Magi. Me being stupid once more.

You can raise your skeleton army in act 1. They’ll follow you everywhere.
And if you can’t reach your corpse (in softcore), leave the game and come back, it’ll be in town.

Yeah, I’ve got that stuff figured out now. Just beat Duriel. Gave me some trouble the first time around, so I leveled a bit, got Decrepify and a nice wand with +2 Skeletal Mage and delivered a beatdown. Also been messing around with /players trying to get more item drops and whatnot.

I like the IDEA of a summoner, but honestly, most act bosses are going to make an absolute fool of you. For some unexplainable reason, they do 10x damage to minions. Diablo will probably kill all your skellies at once with one flame nova, even on normal mode, regardless of how strong they are. Necros are really only good if you have an ally to support who does all the heavy fighting for you.

I’ve heard Clay Golem is supposed to slow bosses down enough for them not to mass-rape your army, but I don’t buy it at all. If you’re a summoner, act bosses have your fucking number in the worst way. I’d rather sit there with a cracked bow, pelting them with thousands of toothpicks than have to go up against one with a summoner.