CSS Lists and Boldness

Okay … I know how to make UL and OL lists, and how to smeg with them in CSS. I want to do the following:

A. The first item
B. Seconditem
C. Thirrd iitem
D. Number 4

Except using OL and LI. Is this possible, short of setting OL to bold and putting <span>'s with not-bold around the contents of each LI?

Try this:

ol {font-weight: bold;}
ol li {font-weight: normal;}

See if that works.

Hmm … that didn’t work, the whole thing became not-bold.

Hmm… it looks like you might have to add a span inside each li, and then do

li {font-weight: bold;}
li span {font-weight: normal;}

Yeah, I figured I’d have to do something like that … Oh well, it works.