Crusader of Centy Shrine

Hi there,

is it possible to complete the shrine devoted to the video game Crusader of Centy?

It is already considered complete. Is there something missing?

Yes, i have done a walkthrough of this game and i realise that your shrine isn’t complete: some money bags and apples of life are missing.
Can i post my walkthrough video or only screenshots are authorized?

Well, you’ll tell me.

Here is my walkthrough video in 5 parts:
Part 1:
Part 2:
Part 3:
Part 4:
Part 5:

14x Apples of Life not [STRIKE]12[/STRIKE]
27x Money Bags not [STRIKE]23[/STRIKE]

Here are your missing apples of life:

Rafflesia School Intermediate class: 22:39 video part 2
Root temple: 5:37 video part 3

Here are your missing money bags: Dahila Valley - 15:07 video part 1 Camellia Desert - 18:46 video part 2 The Place of Peace - 13:40 video part 3 The Place of Peace - 13:54 video part 3