Crono Trigger vs. Zelda : the Wind Waker

Right, my mate and I decided that since we couldn’t agree which is better,Older Nintendo RPGs or The Newer ones, i’d do a poll here with some of the the best of those catagories.

Chrono Trigger, worst argument ever!

Crono Trigger All the way! I didn’t like The Wind Waker…

Wind Waker sucked even compaired to the other new games <.<;


Originally posted by Charlemagne
Chrono Trigger, worst argument ever!

Chrono Trigger…

Wind Waker had that god awful boat.

I prefer Action 52 and Bokosuka Wars to Wind Waker. Seriously.

First off, it’s Chrono. Second off, NO CONTEST. CHRONO TRIGGER.

Wind waker would of been a LOT cooler if it had say… uhm… 90% LESS water. Hell the whole game was just finding… err nevermind im not gonna spoil it, it wasnt that bad but like I said just way too much water.

Oh right… and chrono trigger had like no faults I could think of for a game of its time. :noway: :yipee: :victoly:

Yea, I know what you’re talking about dae. It was far too unneccessarily tedious. And the boat. FUCKING BOAT! I HATE THE BOAT!

I liked the boat… but Chrono Trigger is better

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How could you like the boat? It took forever to do anything in the boat. Good god the boat was terrible.

I’ve never actually played Chrono Trigger, but I just can’t stand the Cell Shading graphics, on Wind Waker.
IF they had done the graphics like the two previous games, then I would have had to vote for it. No matter how much water there is.

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[b]Chrono Trigger…

Wind Waker had that god awful boat. [/b]
Dude, we’re on a boat!

w. as ive never played chrono trigger, i would still say it better than wind waker. that game was so bad. infact, i only had the game on for 20 mins or so & i had to turn it off

Well, the game wasn’t bad at all, It was a blast, the boat just pulled down the overall fun factor of the game.

chrono trigger all the way :yipee:
it rocked the xxxx out of me
and windwaker>> well you said the word: boat

Dude, is this a serious poll? You can’t even compare Wind Waker to Chrono Trigger. CT just owned, and WW…just…sucked.