Does anybody remember how fucking AWESOME this game is? I mean, it is absolutely unbelievable what an awesome chunk of awesome, slathered in awesome sauce, and deep fried in the bread crumbs of Awesomedough bread, that this game is. You play a one toothed Crocadile baby defeating the tyrannical forces of Baron Dantini to free the innocent gobbos who are your friends and restore peace to the beautiful land you call home. Nevermind any flimsy similarities this has to Super Mario, this is quite obviously the single best game ever created. I’m sorry, every other videogame ever created, but you just got stomped on by a crocadile after a truly alarming number of misses for how simple it should be to stomp on you.

I have the first one for the PSX, “Legend of the Gobboes.” Other than the Gobboes being amazingly cute, I didn’t find the game to have much merit. The controls were rather stiff.

I own the Croc Legend of the Gobboes for the PC. That game is so cool, I ordered it from a book order(It’s a thing I got at school) When I was in gr.5 and I totaly Owned the game in less than a month. Yes the controls were rather stiff! Sometimes it got really annoying I just stopped and yelled at the game.

As 3D platformers from 2 generations ago go, it wasn’t all bad, but to be fair, no platformer has topped Mario 64 and frankly they don’t look likely to either.

Yes, Trian and Nebagram, I agree that you are going to hell for your most terrible heresy on this day. Thank you for asking.
chocobo, you have insulted the game, but see its beauty anyway. Purgatory.

Hey. I did say the Gobboes were cute as buttons, didn’t I?

Yeah, that’s ture. I guess we’ll let you move up to purgatory. My apologies for the mistake.

I remember this game. I think I rented it once. I remember it being a really cute game, which is also a great thing in my books seeing as how I like cute things. Don’t quite remember how it played other than you had to rescue balls of fur with eyeballs.

That is really all there was, and it was alarmingly hard to hit things with one of the attacks, and nobody really knows how the bouncing jellos work.

That is really all there was, and it was alarmingly hard to hit things with one of the attacks, and nobody really knows how the bouncing jellos work.

So what’s your paradise, a river with crocodiles?

Cute, one-toothed baby crocadiles, to be specific. And Gobbo(e)s.

I got a friend who’s in the bag-making business. He shares your vision about this place and wants to help.

He offers to help controling the crocodile population. Then the little hobo(e)s can get a job shipping the crocodile skins. It’s a win-win proposition and you get shares in the company.

The crocodile population does not need controlling.

If someone tried to skin Croc, he would tail whip them to death. Well, not death since nothing can die in such a cute game, but he would tail whip them until they turned into little tiny stars and respawned moments later.

No, we won’t skin Croc! We’ll do this to the wicked kids that picked on him at school. Young little wicked kids. Yes my precious, this will show them. Gollum.

By the way can Croc vanquish an enemy by jumping/falling on him?

Ah yes, I remember renting Croc a couple of times many years ago. I don’t remember it being cute, but I do remember it being a pretty sweet game. Not one of my favorites, does it does warrant at least one playthrough, if you like 3D platformers.

I’ve also rented Croc 2, but I, didn’t like Croc 2 as much as Croc 1.

No, he has to hit the jump button twice to ‘stomp’ on them, but this is ill-advised, since it was nigh-impossible to hit stationary boxes with such a manuevre. To try and hit a moving opponent would be suicide.

NBK: Not only does your name contain an inexplicable letter ‘e’, but every opinion in your first paragraph besides ‘sweet game’ is pure and utter bullshit worthy of having you hung for high treason against whatever country it is in which you reside-- Nay, no mere nation; high treason against the WORLD.

Cut him some slack. Have you seen the Bourne Identity? :stuck_out_tongue:

Ah, then his name is inexplicably lacking a letter. Either way, he is wrong-named. My name is misspelled, too, but was written from memory of a game I have not played since I was 6 years old. By the time I found out the name was actually Zarak, Arac had stuck and was thus, actually, my own, original name, which was cool.