Critiques welcome, if necessary. (meepdon'thurtme)

Uh… this is my first sprite. Ever. Just a Fire Emblem recolor, really. I didn’t even rip it myself. I did, however, meddle with it a bit: FE fans ought to notice the lance is about twice as big as normal…

Side note: I can read your mind. You were going to post to tell me to read the rules. Yeah, I know. Uh-huh. I didn’t feel this fit with the others. I’m getting better at this psychic shit.

i think it looks pretty good though i’m not really a sprite expert.

I did it better! Kudos Cookies for the first person to find the three or so things I changed! Hehe! Huminnafuggahfah!

Mind if I cheat?

… You suck.