Crisis Core: FF7

Picked it up last night at work. Only a couple of hours into it so far, but the battle system is rather fluid once you get used to it (it’ll take you maybe 5 minutes to get the hang of it). Anyone else pick it up yet?

I’m still busy on Wild ARMs XF and will be for a while…

I just bought the game myself. I’m only 30 minutes in and don’t have a lot of time to play it right now. But since no one is posting right now, I’ll give my early impressions.

Gameplay–The battle system is mostly pushing the x button. I have heard complaints about that, but I heard the same complaint about Kingdom Hearts 2 and I loved that game. Against my first boss, I timed the roll move to dodge the boss’ attacks so I’m betting there is some strategy to the battles for those who want to use it.

Nostalgia–The first cut scene was good. Seeing FF7 places in such great graphics makes me want a FF7 remake even more–just a graphical update would be awesome by itself. Old music is integrated into the game too. I’m probably going to play FF7 again after I beat this game.

Story–Zack is the anti-Cloud. I mean he is cheerful, optimistic and he even half-hugged Angelus in joy. It is cool, but weird since I’m too used to Cloud.

Conclusion: Mostly I just have first impressions of the game, but it looks good. I’m hoping for a great story, and I think the gameplay will end up being a fun, but not as good, copy of the Kingdom Hearts 2 battle system.

Finished it. I’ll write up a detailed review after work.

Great, because I’ll never play it; I’m not buying a PSP and the DS has enough good games to keep me going.

I heard great things about the game though, and it managed to really be worthy of being connected to the FF7 universe more than something like Dirge of Cerberus, as I’ve heard.

I would wait until this game got cheaper before buying it. I had really low expectations for this game and it did exceed them, but I think they could have done a much better job anyways. Like you can’t really explore anywhere or go inside houses except for maybe once or twice. The way you level up and the battling system are really stupid too, in my opinion. You can’t skip through any of the cut scenes either, which can get really annoying and it can get extremely corny and cheesy. The story’s okay, but it wasn’t anything extraordinary because they seemed to be more concerned with making it a nostalgia fest. And the music that isn’t from the original is mostly bad, especially the ending song. It makes you want to stab yourself in the ears. It’s really not worth it.

Ok, this is actually my first review, so it’ll probably be kinda sloppy (and its 5 AM). Bare with me here. I warn you now, there are some slight spoilers (though some won’t be provided you’ve played FF7).

The gameplay itself was decent for a hand held title. Normal exploration is possible, but is also limited. As someone else mentioned, you can’t exactly go into houses and loot people’s shit.

Shops are accessed through the in-game menu and more shops are added to the “Shop” menu as you progress through the game’s story and complete missions. The more missions you complete, the more shops you can access as thanks for “helping the cause.”

<img src=“”>

The battle system is alright. Not very complicated. Attacking is similar to Kingdom Hearts as you attack/use materia/items by pressing the X button. The square button allows you to dodge roll and triangle allows you to block. You use the L and R buttons in order to switch between attack, materia and items in the bottom right corner, while your HP, MP, and AP are shown in the bottom left corner. If you have the Libra materia equipped you can see your enemy’s status (HP, MP, AP, status ailments) in the upper right corner of the screen.

<img src=“”>

The DMW (Digital Mind Wave) system allows you to use <a href=“”>limit breaks</a>. Limit breaks are accessed randomly as the DMW moves like a slot machine in the upper left corner of the screen. At first you don’t really know many limit breaks until you’ve met certain people. Meeting these people fills in blanks in the DMW menu and allows further access to more useful limit breaks. Now the random limits can (and will) get annoying at times, say like when you could kill the last of an enemy with a single blow and the limit break kicks in, making you sit there for a few more seconds than necessary as the clip plays. Limits also increasing maximum HP, MP, and AP temporarily.

The DMW also determines when you Level up. When two matching reels pop up in the upper left corner, the DMW takes up the screen as “ACTIVATING MODULATING PHASE” is said. If you’re lucky, you’ll get all 7’s and level up. Even if you don’t, if numbers 1-6 appear at least twice on the reel (ie, 3-7-3, 5-6-5, 4-4-1) the materia you have equipped in order from 1-6 will level up. For example, lets say you have Fire set to your first materia slot. If you match 1-1-4, 1-3-1, 4-1-1 then Fire would level up to level 2, effectively becoming stronger.

The DMW can also cause status effects such as “invincible, No MP Cost, No AP Cost, Endure” which can make battles easier.

Overall gameplay can last anywhere from 15-60 hours or so. Around 15 just playing the story, up to 60 if you desire to complete all 300 missions.

The game includes a cast of characters both new and old.

<img src=“”>

Many important figures from FF7 are shown and welcomed into the game (none of Avalanche unfortunately aside from Tifa), as are even more important characters that helped push the events of FF7 into play. On a side note, Zack loves to do squats.

Its not the best, but damn I actually liked it. The battle music is sub-par, the boss battles have a metal like track to them, and scenes toward the latter part of the game have a nice tune with a bitchin acoustic guitar strumming a few well played chords. Mission music became rather monotonous.

The game starts off very much the same way that FF7 does. Walking around Midgar and other various places creates a welcomed nostalgia. Zack is a Soldier 2nd Class, under the guidance and care of Angeal, Soldier 1st Class. After 1st Class Soldier Genesis goes missing in battle during the War with Wutai, Zack and Angeal are sent out to Wutai to help end the war. From there, events unfold linking together Angeal, Genesis, Sephiroth, and Jenova that I don’t want to spoil or want to go into detail about. Zack is a cheerful, optimistic, go get 'em type of guy that grows on you throughout the game, making the ending harder to bare (kinda like when Aerith kicked the bucket, makes you wanna cry).

<img src=“”>

The game finishes up with a stand off battle against countless Shinra soldiers who are after Hojo’s escaped test subjects, Zack and Cloud. Zack does all that he can to protect Cloud and himself, but in the end, the numbers out do him and he is shot multiple times and left for dead. Cloud (whose suffered massive mako poisoning/addiction) comes to his senses and crawls over to Zack. Zack bestows the Buster Sword (a symbol of Zack’s dreams and honor) to Cloud, telling him that he will have to live for the both of them, calling Cloud his living legacy. Cloud gets up, and takes the buster sword with him to Midgar. The game ends where FF7 begins.

<b>Crotanks overall rating: 4/5.</b>

I can’t get over the fact that they gave him the last name “Fair”. Which must be “Fail” to all them Asian peeps.


Actually it would be Fair since it’s the L’s that are not pronounced in the Japanese language.

Also if I remember correctly originally his last name was Flair. Though I might be wrong, but whatever the new name goes well with Strife.

Originally Posted by Crotanks
The gameplay itself was decent for a hand held title. Normal exploration is possible, but is also limited. As someone else mentioned, you can’t exactly go into houses and loot people’s shit.

Ah! But then what would Cloud loot 5 years later if Zack looted it now? This is how prequels should be made. Not too offensive to the original yet doesn’t over-expand the plot past the point of Time-Paradoxes, and it even serves up a mixed dish of both nostalgia and expansion to the fans.

So does anyone else think that this game may have finally toppled Phantasy Star Adventure as the greatest video game prequel of all time?

Hmm. This sounds nice, but not essential. I mean, is there any story there that doesn’t cover facts we already know? And are the missions interesting or just the “go somewhere and kill an enemy” type?

And the combat system sounds too random for my taste.

Square should stop dancing around the issue and just remake FFVII already.

<i>Yes</i>. Mostly things about Genesis, Angeal, Sephiroth and exactly why Zack and Cloud were on the run from Shinra. Not only that, but there are places in the game that aren’t in FF7 thanks to Shinra’s way of covering up things from the public (ie, eliminating the places entirely). There’s quite a bit, but as I said I don’t feel like typing it all up. Either go play it, watch the vids on youtube, or go read the game script.

Japanese doesn’t have Rs or Ls. There’s something that’s an approximate sound that’s really more like a D that’s used to render both R and L sounds. Anyway…

Nice review. It sounds like the limit breaks really suck, though. :frowning: What about summons? Are they in there?

Oh wow. Yeah, I totally forgot to mention the summons. <a href=“”>They’re in there.</a> They have their own materia, but unfortunately you can’t equip it and spam it :stuck_out_tongue:

Summons have their own DMW system similar to the limit breaks and what not.

Picked it up (along with a PSP) last week before going out of town. Probably put 3-4 hours in. Pretty cool game, I’m definitely impressed so far. Don’t know when I’ll be playing again though :stuck_out_tongue:

I acquired it recently but haven’t gotten a chance to play it much. It’s pretty. :3

Please tell me I’m not the only one who thinks Angeal looks like Raziel from Soul Reaver. >.>

I still remember the anime they did of this where instead… it’s implied that Zack is just Sniped on the way to Midgaar and that wakes cloud up enough to make him coherant in FF7.

Rawr, Lufia 2 etc.etc. If it gets a decent DS emulation, I may be bothered to try to beat the Ancient Cave.

I so wanna play through this, but I’d have to actually buy the sytem its for. I’ll probably end up reading the script at Gamefaqs. Oh man, reading those plot descriptions brings back memories of when I first started playing FF7. But…

I have ambivalent feelings about changing the ending. I understand how a more dramatic Zack death could be good, but the original death in FF7 seemed more effective, because it was so abrupt and heartless and emphasized what a bad situation Cloud was really in. It was also more in keeping with the general darker feel of FF7 and sort of parallel Aeris’ own death.

Aww, man, that would be awesome.

And now I want to play Lufia 2 again :confused:

I was able to put in about 10 hours the last few days, and Crisis Core is amazing. A very worthy prequel. Can’t wait to pick it up again!