Creation Campaign Setting

The Creation Campaign Setting is home to thousands of NPCs with something equal to divine rank, yet there are no “deities”, except for God. Like Europe centuries ago, they had discovered a new world. Creation assumes that the players are one of many warriors that seek to explore and travel throughout the universe, like Star Trek. Evangelization and political assimilation of all moralities of the nine alignments are present throughout the many worlds of Creation.

Methods of Travel:
Portals are the main source of travel through space in Creation. One may also assume the role of Captain of a star ship, but for a world to sponsor such ships, they would require high resources.

The Six Pantheons:

The Grey Dark : Chaos
Chaos, Destruction, Will. According to the Chaos Masters, only through the three Grey Dark’s Magics can all demons and devils be put to rest. Chaos, argues Grey Dark Lords… is not necessarily confusion… Chaos is merely a source of magic that pervades all of existence on these centered Planes of reality that makes sure that everything stays together. While Chaos is seen frequently to be a source of eternal imbalance, its more something like stabbing a tooth pick through pieces of meat so you could eat them one by one.

The Grey Light : Order
Order, Creation, and Dreams are estates that belong to Order. Order is a Pantheon that arranges itself in ideologies. They sincerely believe that only through the powers of Creation, Dreams, and the unyielding Laws of the universe can Creation(all that was made) be made pure and be restored towards the Forces of Good permanently.

The Celestial Beuracracies : Natural elements
Celestial Beuracracies are lead by Celestials that are focused on maintaining their estates of a certain aspect of Nature, like Fire, or Plants, Animals, or even narrowly focused elements like Lightning.

The Shadow Source :
The Shadow Emperors are known as Erebus, Death, and Phantasm. Phantasm is a mystical creature of extreme power that is in charge of the metaphysical aspects of the Shadow Source, which is to say, a mysterious, enigmatic energy source that is infinite and throughout Creation, with isolated areas where there is no Shadow Source. Ascended Wizards that tap into the Shadow Source often go mad, and the Shadow Source is an extreme mystery to even Wizards.

The Virtues:
Virtues are angelic, pristine and pure beings of enlightenment and goodness. They are usually Elder Beings of extreme age, even for immortals. They are Powers of Wisdom, Fate, Life, Love, Heaven, and Virtue itself.

The Wizards :
All Ascended mortals are called Wizards. Wizards are not merely the PC class of “wizard”, they have become integral to the Universe and are of extreme importance, like a Marvel Cosmic being, a Lord of the Rings Valar, and so on. The PC class has become “Magus”. Magic from Wizards always are of extreme scope and focus, beyond the strength and capabilities of mortal magicians by leaps and bounds. Do not be deceived, a Wizard could have been a barbarian warrior before Ascension.

Levels of PCs and NPCs =

From 1st level to 27th level. I decided to cap this multi-planed Campaign setting at level 27 because of Mordenkainen. All mortals are capped at level 27. The fact that Golden Great Wyrms are so powerful but out of reach for non-epic characters in many circumstances was also a strong motivator.

In order to climb to higher character levels they have a set of options =

  1. Soul Selling… Not an option for good characters.
  2. Arbitration… Divine Arbitration, is when God (capital G) allows the PCs to attend. They must quest in order to Ascend. Any party member that survives the quest wins Arbitration for all party members, and receives one extra experience level. In addition to this, all party members that have not received levels on their quest receive them all at Arbitration.
  3. Appointment… Ascension… This effectively, is an extreme test or ritual performed by the player that wants to become a Wizard. Wizard’s must choose their Estate (Portfolio). After success, a Wizard receives a minimum of 6 power level ranks(divine ranks). These Tests could either be a brand new invention of the player by the DM’s discretion, or something required by another Wizard.