Creating a Video DVD

Short anecdote: My mother recently had her 50th birthday, and a bunch of her friends (Mostly those living abroad) assembled a commemorative assortment of videos of themselves congratulating her, reminiscing and the usual mushy stuff. Problem is, now she wants to see if they can all be put on a single tidy disk so she can watch them whenever she likes on her TV. Being likely the only breathing human she knows with any kind of insight in this, let alone the equipment, the job fell on me.

So now I’m staring at a bunch of MP4 and MKV files without the foggiest idea of what to do. Random googling gave me results for a program I could use to take care of the menus and background however I’m still blank on how to get this collage of formats to work on a real DVD player and not screw over the video quality. This page mentions that MPEG would be ideal, but I want to make sure if anyone has any experience on this (Either format exchange or DVD making) before ruining disks in trial and error.

Sorry I didn’t notice this earlier!

Awesome free program that lets you convert stuff to AVI (just use DivX or XviD).