Creat your own Zelda Game?

I recently read about a program that would let you download and create your own zelda game, in Electronic Gaming Monthly, but it won’t let me log on, Has anyone seen it? what about a program to download a make your own Final Fantasy game?

sounds cool, but like u, it wont let me go to the site either.

Try downloading from here?

Ah, Zelda Classic. My little brother loves this program. Him and I are working on a quest together based on the “Frasier” TV series. It’s called “Frasier: External Gazer”, and basically, you play as Seattle’s favourite radio psychiatrist as he scrambles across the now evil Seattle, battling ordinary objects with evil intentions, to recover the 8 pieces of the sacred Holo-Triangle.

The best place to go for Zelda Classic related stuff is probably . The most recent program release and tilesets can be found there. Also, RPGC staff member DarkFlameWolf is a regular contributor to the site, and her custom quests can be downloaded there for play. I recommend you try some of hers, as well as the excellent “Link’s Nightmare” quest by PolygonX8.

That being said, Zelda Classic is a nifty program that allows the user to design and play his or her own Zelda games using the Zelda 1 or engine, with either Zelda 1, BS Zelda, or custom graphics. Over time, the program has evolved to allow more and more features, including new items, enemies, user-imported MIDIs, etc. If you learn the nuances of the program, such as cycling combos and whatnot, you can actually do some really neat things with it.

I’d recommend you give it a shot. Just get your hands on a good tutorial first; Zelda Classic is NOT very easy to use.

Thanks, can you use it off line?

Absolutely. It’s a pretty standard Windows application. Though if you want to submit your completed quest to others, you’ll obviously need to be connected to the Internet.

Hate to do this to you dude, but what part of the screen do I click on to download It? I tried clicking on the thing that said download CZ 2.0 for windows, but it would not let me. What am I doing wrong?

I could have made that a bit more clear, actually. 8)

To the right of where it says ZC2.10, there are three links to download mirrors:


Click on any of those. Have fun!

Thank you so very much :)!!!

I was hoping to get somthing that creates Zelda games more along the lines of Zelda 3 and not the original one. The one I downloaded has the old 8bit graphics, any help?

Well, Zelda Classic is really only for Zelda 1 style games, and the author of the program has no plans to release a Link to the Past editor. Though I think there’s a romhacking program for LttP called Hyrule Magic (similar to Lunar Magic, the Super Mario World editor).

So is this thing an editor for the actual original Zelda game?

Pretty much. There’s two programs involved; Zelda Classic, which lets you play the classic Zelda game and the 2nd quest along with any custom made Zelda games, and ZCedit, which actually lets you edit the game. You can’t play custom made games in anything but the Zelda Classic program however.

You said that Zelda classic isn’t really for beginniners, or something like that, what would you recomend to a new timer?

A tutorial. 8P

What I meant is that it’s a little difficult to learn, but if you know how to use a program like RPG Maker, then you should be able to learn ZC over time. Things like drawing maps and tile editing are very easy to learn, but things like setting up shops, getting doors and entrances to shops/caves/dungeons can be a little difficult at first.

And the advanced stuff is really tough to learn. But by advanced stuff, I mean things that didn’t even exist in Zelda 1… some brilliant people have learned to program cinema scenes, text boxes, multiple world maps, custom bosses with life meters, etc into Zelda 1 quests, and those features are beyond my understanding.