It’s soooo anoying that people say"whats the diffrence between anime and manga?"What annoys me more is"Whats anime"People need to learn the diffrence.Any ways people what is your favorite anime and what is the one you hate. :kissy:

Wrong FORUM. I like Digimon. It’s cute, and some of the female characters are hot, even though they’re like 12, and some of the bad guys are more badass than SEPHIROTH HIMSELF.

What is anime? Is that the new name for the japanimation stuff?

Errrrrrrr!!!ok.Anime is just japanese animation.

My favorite anime is Cowboy Beebop.The one I hate is Totally Spies.Totally Spies is totally stuipid

This goes in the ANIME Forum. Go there, you’ll find plenty of threads on favorite Animes.

BTW: Manga and Anime ARE the same thing. Just different mediums. (One is TV animation, the other comics.)

And Yu Yu Hakusho rules.

Totally spies is anime? Are you sure?

My fav is Galaxy angels, or Samuri Pizza Cats. LEAST is Fist of the North Star. God I hate fist of the north star.

Just say cartoon or comic/comic book, makes things simpler. >>

Sure why not it does give you more of a selection
tee hee hee :dancer:


Full Metal Alchemist is the best anime ever. All who disagree will be cleansed in the fire of the Annihilator of men, the Destroyer of earthly delights.

Alphonse is like a polite Bender

Ho ha! Almost to 1000

As a medium, I do not consider either anime or manga to be superior to any stuff from America. However, largely stuff from America does seem to have a larger crap-to-not-crap ratio. But I like Inuyasha best at the moment. And Akira. And Naruto. And I see Ruroni Kenshin eating up some of my budget in the future. :3

I timidly disagree with Pierson that while FMA is totally awesome, it lacks sexy, sexy, Fuchoin Kazuki of GetBackers.

Anime and manga are used interchangedly by those who don’t have much knowledge in the field.

But I wouldn’t worry about it.

I don’t get out into your anime world much, but, from what I HAVE seen, …I think Inu-Yasha takes the cake. Simply because he’s one of the few anime characters I know who has a big sword and DOESN’T imitate Cloud. …That, and the bad guy is all like, spiffy. Go giant fluffy thinger. Least favorite is Pokemon. No f’ing questions. I choose you, crappy programming!

Root Search is by far the worst anime I’ve ever seen. Though I’m glad I’ve forgotten it for the most part now. I don’t seem to have a favorite at the moment. Nothing has really stood out as really great to me.

Worst I’ve seen is the dubbed version of Ghost in the Shell. The voice acting is so bad it hurts. Of course, in Japanese with the subtitles, that’s one kickass movie, unless you aren’t able to handle the gratuitous nudity and excessive gratuitous gore.

Totally Spies is not anime.

Vampire Princess Miyu is the best I’ve seen so far.

Worst I’ve seen is the dubbed version of Ghost in the Shell. The voice acting is so bad it hurts.

Agreed. That’s why I always have it on Japanese with the subtitles on now.