Okay, so. I run a buncha programs off my external USB hard drive (100 gigs) so I don’t overload the internal laptop hard drive (~40 gigs). They’re both at around 60% free space. Anyway, sometimes, when I try to load the ones on my USB drive, they decide to crash in one of various random ways, or just refuse to load. Rebooting the laptop but not the USB drive … usually fixes this temporarily. Anyone know what might be causing this?

How old is your computer and the USB drive that both are in megs???

Whoops, crap, meant gigs. I mean, uh, AMNESIA DUST!

Also, could be just me, but it lately seems to take way too long to restart. It … pauses here and there, seems to me, right before the login screen, and it takes longer for Windows to load to the point of usability.

I don’t know much about how your computer would interface with something so huge over USB, but my guess is just the sheer size of the drive is causing the problems. It takes longer to boot because windows has to read and mount the disc over a “thinner pipe”, and your programs crash because of the high read times of the hard drive combined with the slower transfer rates of USB. Has it always been like this, or gotten worse as the drive gets more full?

Again, this is all totally conjecture, so if someone who actually has a better idea/proof wants to post and prove me wrong go ahead.

Actually, the long load-time happens even without the USB drive. And it sorta happened suddenly, not regarding anything I’d downloaded.