Hi. Just letting everyone know who hasn’t seen my LJ that my laptop has crashed and burned (I’m posting via the library computer), with the only chance of recovering it depending on IonMage, and that it did so approximately thirty-five hours ago, and that eleven hours ago I sort of went insane for a few minutes, but I got better. So … yeah, that’s it, really.

Its not three yet, so I didnt call you yet, as per the instructions in your email, but I’ll post here now. Whats caused the computer to crash, or at the least what are the symptoms of the issue? If the solution is dependant on my laptop, then were in trouble since that one just crashed too.

Symptoms: cannot load past Windows splash screen. It runs Chkdsk and reports some kinda error, then either hangs or BSOD’s. That, or it doesn’t even load past the Dell splash screen. Attempts to fix stuff in the Recovery Console also reveal errors here and there.

Anyone know any good (and reasonably cheap) file-recovery software?


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yeah, cuz it doesn’t begin either