Cowboy Bebop

Ever watched that movie/ series? it rocked

Saw the first fifteen episodes or so, didn’t really like it, didn’t bother downloading the rest.

There are really only 6 or 7 good episodes in the series, and only 5 episodes that have a shread of continuity. Those episodes fucking rock. The rest does not live up to the hype.

For the record episodes that rock include:

5 Ballad of Fallen Angels
6 Sympathy for the Devil
12 Jupiter Jazz (Part I)
13 Jupiter Jazz (Part II)
20 Pierrot Le Fou
24 Hard Luck Woman
25 The Real Folk Blues (Part I)
26 The Real Folk Blues (Part II)

The movie was fluff. Decent fluff, but fluff none the less.

I’ve only seen one episode. Ed rocks.

I’ve seen all the series, and the movie. And personally I liked it, it was pretty cool anime. There is just something about this sort of thing, that I always find interesting.

Seen every episode and the movie. It rocked. My favorite episodes are the last episode, the first episode, and everyone inbetween. Awsome series. My favorite anime.

Good show, never saw the movie.

I have only ever seen one epsidoe of this series. Everytimne I jsut randomly walk in and it happens to be playing its the same episode. I can not escape the one episode. It haunts me.

Episode 13 - Mushroom Samba

I like Cowboy Bebop. Tis a good anime, all in all.

Hey, Ed is in it, so that’s good enough for me.

That’s the one episode I’ve seen too…0-0

The mushroom episode? That’s a weird one. I like the bit where Spike is climbing the never-ending stairs.

its an ok anime, never really cared for it that much.

I liked Cowboy Bebop. First, it managed to (succesfully) combine a noir spirit into an anime. Second, it is one of the best martial arts anime I have seen. Third, it is one of the best, least sappy romances; none of the clampesque bullshit. Fourth, every character actually has a personality.
Best of all, it had an exploding Fishing Bird.