Cow goes to bank and gets no service.

<img src=“” align=left>Wunstorf, Germany - This is a real story. I’m changing only the name of the one involved, for sake of keeping her privacy.

Once upon a time there was a cow called Star. She was wandering through the streets of Wunstorf, in her spare time, and then decided to go to a bank.

What Star was to do in the bank (A deposit? A transference? Currency exchange?) is unknown. Mysterious are the motivations of cows.

So Star entered Wunstorf Sparkasse Bank. And she waited. And waited. And then waited a little more. Useless waiting: nobody attended her. Notice that not even the guy in the middle photo moved even a finger to help Star. Why? It is unknown. Mysterious are the motivations of human beings too.

Star got tired of the waiting and went out of the bank. Good bye, Star. May the other financial stabilishments be more friendly towards you.

The images were obtained with the bank’s security camera.

The way people treat cows these days is horrible! Can’t even get service in a bank anymore… terrible…

Lol what the heck:mwahaha: Maybe the cow wanted some MOOlaaaaa(please don’t pelt me with hard hurting things)

Poor cow.

*throws hard hurting thing at GSM for a bad pun. =P

Im surprised no “your mom” jokes were made thus far


overly used “your cow” joke

Originally posted by Devillion
[b]Poor cow.

*throws hard hurting thing at GSM for a bad pun. =P [/b]

Well, that’s not very nice! Shame on you! slaps you upside the head

What kind of world is it when a cow can’t even get service at bank?

Oweey moooooooooooooo develops mad cow disease and stampedes over Devilion

I’m confused now. I think I need some more sleep.

No shirt, no shoes, no service I guess.

Could have been worse, it could have been something slightly more dangerous than a cow. Like a fox. Happens from time to time that foxes go shopping here in Norway, they skip the paying part though.

If that was in India the bank workers would’ve been fired on the spot :wink:

and as for the MOO-lah joke, it could’ve been worse, she could’ve been in fort knox looking for some BULL-ion. :mwahaha: :thud:

:thud: How dare you be wittier then me, wait everyone is DOH