I bought the Half Life 2 Holiday pack thing last week, and it works perfectly. Today, after enduring an amazing week of CS Source, bought Cs anthology. In it is Condition Zero and the original CS.

Source runs fine, but when I try to load CS 1 or CZ… I’ll try my best to explain in words:

It loads, but I get a black screen when the menu should appear. i can hear background music like the menu should have and I also noticed when i moved the mosue around a bit, I heard as if the mouse was hovering over menu items. The only thing I notice is a black screen with a pointer.

I got a uh… I don’t got a videocard to my knowledge, but a chip. nVidia GeForce4 MX Integrated GPU if I am not mistaken.

I don’t understand, i can play HL2, HL1, both DM games, as well as CS Source, but not the older, less advanced games??

I’d hate to just forget about it cause it cost me 40$ and i cant return now that it’s opened and voided cause the cd key is now used

by theway i meant HL1 source

Processor Information:
Vendor: AuthenticAMD
Speed: 2058 Mhz
1 logical processor
1 physical processor
HyperThreading: Unsupported
RDTSC: Supported
CMOV: Supported
FCMOV: Supported
SSE: Supported
SSE2: Unsupported
3DNOW: Supported

Network Information:
Network Speed:
IP Address: xxxxxxxxxxxxx

Windows Version:
XP Service Pack 2 (Build 2600) (32 bit)
NTFS: Supported

Video Card:
Driver: NVIDIA GeForce4 MX Integrated GPU
DirectX Driver Name: nv4_disp.dll
Driver Version:
DirectX Driver Version:
Driver Date: 1 June 2006
Desktop Color Depth: 32 bits per pixel
Monitor Refresh Rate: 85 Hz
DirectX Card: NVIDIA GeForce4 MX Integrated GPU
VendorID: 0x10de
DeviceID: 0x1f0
Number of Monitors: 1
Number of Video Cards: 1
No SLI or Crossfire Detected
Primary Display Resolution: 1024 x 768
Desktop Resolution: 1024 x 768
Primary Display Size: 12.60" x 9.45" (15.75" diag)
32.0cm x 24.0cm (40.0cm diag)
Primary Display Type: CRT
Primary Bus: PCI
Primary AGP GART Not Detected
Primary VRAM: 64 MB
Primary Monitor Vendor: Dell
Primary Monitor Model: Dell E773c
Supported MSAA Modes Not Detected

Game Display Settings
GoldSrc Game Resolution: 640 x 480 (Fullscreen)
GoldSrc Game Bit Depth: 16
Half-Life: Source Resolution: 800 x 600 (Windowed)
Half-Life: Source MSAA Disabled
Half-Life 2 Resolution: 640 x 480 (Fullscreen)
Half-Life 2 MSAA Disabled
HL2DM Resolution: 800 x 600 (Fullscreen)
HL2DM MSAA Disabled
Counter-Strike: Source Resolution: 800 x 600 (Fullscreen)
Counter-Strike: Source MSAA Disabled

Sound card:
Audio device: Realtek AC97 Audio

RAM: 447 Mb

UI Language: English
Microphone: Not set
Media Type: DVD
Total Hard Disk Space Available: 194470 Mb
Largest Free Hard Disk Block: 113704 Mb

according to steam

i get this on a blinking black screen, it flickers quickly between this and pitch black

Error:Failed to load dialog file Resource/UI/ClassMenu.res, is what i get

i tried*&p_li=&p_topview=1 but it doesnt work

You’re probably asking on the wrong forum, you should try steam or counterstrike related forums.

KFC has a pretty active CS community as well.