Counter Struck

This video completely rocks - best one I’ve seen in months.

Almost as good as <a href=“”>McDonalds CS</a>.

Which I can’t find in the page you linked to =p

WAY better than the one I saw a little while ago. Which may be the McDonalds CS mentioned earlier.

Heck, that was pretty good in itself, even if some of the jokes may fall flat on non-CS players (not that I am one of those people).

Haha, shit. I liked the hostage part.

That was amusing. I really liked the connection problems.

Yeah, they did that very well. It was actually just like in the game… only it doesn’t say connection problem when lagging.
Although I can understand why they had to add that in.

Right, otherwise it would have just looked like they screwed up.

That and the part where the guy gets pwned in the doorway and the door keeps opening and closing until he disappears. XD