Coulter vs Carlin?

At least, that’s what I THOUGHT was supposed to happen. Instead we didn’t get the fireworks show we were promised. I enjoy Carlin’s humour, and I was thinking he’d have it out with Ann.

More of the same stuff from Coulter, if not QUITE as shrill. Carlin behaved himself and seemed to just let her talk.


…George Carlin. A comedian. Rather anti-establishment.

… You seriously don’t know who George Carlin is? He’s like the most well known and influential of anti-establishment comedians in recent history.

It’s Setz.

Aww, I read about this on the SA forums before it happened, and I’d gotten my hopes up that Carlin would give her a sound verbal thrashing. I’m a bit dissapointed.

I’m rather pleased he didn’t make a peep; it’s sort of funny when the stand-up comic shows himself to be more mature than the supposedly serious political commentator next to time. I’ve always thought that it’s silly to pay these book marketers any attention. Was there ever anyone more a parody of herself than Ann Coulter?

If you want to see George really fired up about political issues, though, he’s been on Real Time with Bill Maher a couple times, the most recent of which he performed amazingly on vs some neo-liberal chump.