Could somebody test this for validity?

Apparently you can skip the Neo-Exdeath battle in FFV altogether and complete the game if you mix a Maiden’s Kiss with a Holy Water and use it on Exdeath, it will defeat Exdeath and the game will end. I’d love to try it and see it for myself, but I don’t have an FFV save anywhere. Anybody interested in trying it out?

I haven’t heard of that up until now, but I’ll give it a try when I get home.

Never mind; just tested it on the FF5 ROM; it doesn’t work.

Makes me mad when people submit fake codes to get people’s hopes up. But here’s a weird one; Shoat works on Neo-Exdeath, but all it does is destroys part of the boss graphic, then regenerates them.

Thats why I don’t like to read rumors, like when people tried to say you could bring Aeris back in the english version. Oh well. Or maybe there was no solidity to the possibility of bringing her back in the Japanese one in the first place… Either way, rumors suck.

Yes, but this one was submitted to GameFAQs, and most of the information there is sound.

Oh damn, see? I am in love with Gamefaqs. They are like my bread and butter. When I go into game stores and buy a game, I get “Would you like to get the strategy guide for 15% off?” and I just smile and say “gamefaqs pwns you.” And they go, “Awww snap!” and I win.

But that sucks that people are adding crap rumors to gamefaqs.

Odin <i>kills</i> Neo Exdeath, then he regens :frowning:

Cless, that works too? As mentioned earlier, Shoat can kill Neo-Exdeath, but he just comes back to life anyway. Maybe he’s like the undead enemies in FF6; kill them with instant death, and they just regenerate at full HP.

couldnt you just LIFE the undead and kill them?

You can. But using instant death spells heals them.

The Odin thing is tried, tested, and true. I was kinda hoping to beat FFV that way because I was hopelessly underlevelled, but yeah… if anyone has a save state file of just before the last boss with characters NOT underlevelled then tell me >>;

Is it true that throwing Ultima at Kefka kills him in one shot ?

Throwing Ultima?

Assuming you mean throwing the Atma Weapon, then no, it’s not true. It cannot be thrown.

Well some rumors I would like to believe…like reviving General Leo, or fighting the ultimate boss Tiamat, too bad they aren’t true.

If you really want to play as General Leo (I don’t blame you, I’d love to), you can just use a Game Genie to replace a party member with him, can you not?

Alright since we’re talkin about rumors, here is one of the best FF-Rumors sites:

I tried most of the unproven rumors, nice to kill some time…

uhh, yeah Atma… thats the one… scratches his head my mistake