Could it be? A release?!

I think so!

Saving seems to be busted.
I go to the game, push Start to get the menu, and I save. I then reset. On the startup menu where Continue should be, it’s cavespeak. Choosing
Using FCEU .98.10 and a precompiled .98.13 I got somewhere (I think Xod just posted the source to .98.13, the final version, and someone else compiled it and posted the exe)…
at least that’s what happened the first time I tried. I tried again to verify, now it seems the battery bit isn’t even set in the header.

Ah, yes. Thing is, saving doesn’t work in the Japanese unaltered rom either. I noticed this while I was hacking it. The saving DOES work on FwNES, though, if it’s that important to you. I was going to mention this in the readme…I knew there was something I was forgetting. I don’t have FwNES on my computer anymore (does it even work on XP?), so I didn’t get to test that out.