Could anyone recommend me some good PC Engine/TG 16 games?

I got a TurboXpress system (it’s basically a portable TurboGrafx 16) a few months back, and so far, I’m really enjoying it. It came with 4 games (2 of which I don’t care for), and 2 of which I’ve enjoyed immensely (Dragon’s Curse and Bonk’s Adventure). Seeing as that games for this underrated gem of a system probably sell for pretty cheap these days, I’m looking for more games for it.

In particular, I’m looking for games of the action, adventure, action adventure and action-rpg variety. Any suggestions?

Also, I don’t really have the attention span to play through RPGs much these days anymore, but I’ve heard good things about the Ys series, so I’ll look into those as well.

You should probably look into Neutopia and Neutopia 2.

If it can run Castlevania X (Also known as Rondo of Blood) then get it.

Ys is excellent, but I’d suggest the PC remakes for Ys 1 and 2, they’re a higher quality with no loss of plot or anything. If you can get any other however do so.

I’d also suggest the Valis serie for adventureness, it’s frikkin HARD. I’d advise getting 3 and 4 more than 1 or 2, though.

I actually tried the Genesis ports of Valis a couple of months back, and I enjoyed them. And your suggestion about Ys is noted. 8)

Neutopia looks great, as does its sequel. But are they Japanese only?


Both Neutopias were released in the US. The major problem you’re going to have is that most of the best Turbo games were made for the Turbo CD (including Dracula X, the Valis series, and the Ys series). With a TurboXpress, you’re kind of SOL when it comes to that.

Dragons Curse, which you said you already have, is my favorite HuCard game (and someone’s <A HREF=“”>working on a shrine for it</A>). Other than that, Neutopia is freaking awesome, Cadash is good, and the best of the HuCard games are all arcade ports (Gradius, R-Type, Ninja Gaiden, etc). If you can get a PC-Engine converter, that’ll open up imports to you. Check for one at While you’re there, see if there are any other HuCard based games there that interest you.

Zero: I still prefer the TCD versions of Ys I & II, despite the graphical and gameplay improvements on the Eternal versions, if for no other reason than on TCD, your level from Ys I carries over into Ys II.

Try for the Bonk games. There was also a shoot-em-up, Blazing Lasers, that was pretty solid.

And I haven’t played this one myself, but I heard that the pinball game Alien Crush is pretty good.

…damn, I totally forgot they’re CD only. I have the CDs myself, and I forgot the console Dalton got is the cartridge only version, whoops. :frowning: