COPS, "you have the right to remain silent"

For once, on this show, after the cop reads the idiot his rights, then asks,
“Do you understand what i have just said to you?”
i would like to see the guy use his right to remain silent, and not answer the question.

You’re supposed to make sure they know what you’re saying when you give them their Miranda rights.

It’s taken that you are able to talk when asked a question. Or when demanded to answer a needed question.


Except that the whole point of the Miranda warning is that they DON’T have to answer any questions they ask, I thought.

A simple nod would suffice, wouldn’t it?


Right, but you must accept Miranda first.

the right specifically says that you do not need to answer any question without an attorney present.

Ok, but you don’t have those rights until you understand and accept them, which is what the last line states.

“You have the right to remain silent!”

They shouldn’t be reading them their rights after they arrest them anyway, that should happen back at the station before questioning.

All hail Chuh the law major.

Miranda during arrest is a Hollywood thing. Miranda just has to happen prior to custodial interogation. If the operson is just being detained temporaily, the person doesn’t need to be read Miranda. Also, if the person chooses to speak prior to being read Miranda, that is valid information. Miranda pretty much just reminds the person of their Consitutional right against self-incrimination (the Fifth Amendment). The person isn’t waiving Miranda by acknowledging their understanding. Hell, if the police try get the person to understand Miranda and the person remains silent, it just opens the doors to other things, such as determining the person’s mental capacity. It doesn’t just get them off the hook. Also, the police can ask things that aren’t related to the crime and they can ask for basic information (such as name and address).

grumble Miranda is a type of orange lemonade. >0

Who loves orange soda?

Woh, they have that show in Japan?

my favorite question cops ask.
“do you know why i pulled you over ?”
How do you answer that ?
“No officer, i havnt a clue that i was going 20 over the speed limit with a busted tail light dragging a hobo hippy who’s long hair got caught in my broken and dragging muffler”
If you say “no, i dont” you look like a complete ass
If you say “yes, i do” you look like a complete ass
So basically, you look like a complete ass no matter what.

(and good info on the miranda rights guys, you really did your homework.)

My favorite episode of COPS was the one where they went after a werewolf.

(Oh, sorry, that was an episode of X-FILES that was taped so that it looked like an episode of COPS. They even had policemen roughing up white trash! Honest!) :hahaha;