Cool myst-like flash game.

It goes on for a long time, so of course, do it at work or school :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: >>;;

In Myst, weird bald things don’t slash you out of nowhere and scare the fuck out of you. :stuck_out_tongue:

Didn’t get a chance to play the whole thing through, but that is CREEPY. Simple Flash… but organized very effectively.

Way past cool =P

Heh. I oughta try this thing out.

And towards which direction?


Hate to say it, but I gotta agree with Him.

When I think of myst-like games, I think of a challenge that perhaps may cause you to go insane. This is just a bunch of art, and all the rooms could be gotten through by clicking a single thing, and a bunch of rooms didn’t even have that.

The graffiti…is moving. o.o

Neat! ^^

I thought the whole point of the thing was to showcase their art. Graffiti and Flash.

Creepy at times. Even spooky now and then. But no… not Myst-like. I can tell this because I never punched my computer and called it a cheater while playing the game.

It is.

This is the probably the most unique presentation I’ve seen in a while…it’s not just the same old ‘click thumbnail to view artwork’ kinda thing. Very cool :toast:

That was just plain odd. I now remember why I never really liked any of the Msyt games.