Cookies have a lot of MSG

I just ate six and I feel so full I can hardly stand up.

Why is it I’m always posting about food?

'Cause you’re always hungry?

Cuz food is good. Duh.

Aaaaaand there goes my great post count. Hey guys. :smiley:

Because people like food. Only six, eh. How big?
Hey, cookies with scalding cup of coffee=scalded goodness.

What kind?

Not very big! They were like normal cookies! I can eat like, a whole turkey! But cookies have so much MSG that they fill me up after a mere six.

You must have different cookies. Currently my record is at about 14. And before you ask, no I’m not a fat bastard.

hell I am a fat bastard and I seldom pack away more than a dozen, though 30 has been done.

I’ve put away 3/4 of a box of chocolate chips ahoy mmmmmm!!! (It’s happened more than once. lol)

I still think Krispy Kreme donuts are better though.

I love MSG. I’m eating chinese food as we speak.

What’s wrong with monosodium glutamate?

I can only hold about five before my stomach starts cramping up. I’m just a wuss like that.

I can eat a whole thing of Double Stuf Oreos with milk (33 total). Probably more if I tried. Although I did get really sick and threw it up 3 minutes thereafter.

ok whats the subject or something

Oh man. Ask Sonic about our chips ahoy frenzies. >.>; And Hades, you post about food becuz u r FAT! WITH A PH

The best cookies in the world are the Chips Ahoy White Fudge Chunk. God, those are orgasmically good. I bought two packages a coupla weeks ago, and like, fucking CH ate the entire first package, and then Kaiser ate the majority of the second package! I bought those cookies, with my money that my mom sent me, and I got like, 7 out of the 80 cookies! Pshuh!!

I agree, Krispy Kreme donuts are good if you like to suck the crap out of a coffee filter and add some deep-fried lard for a delicious before hardened-artery death snack.

As for cookies, peanut butter cookies… I once made 6 dozen of those babies at once… then I fed them to my F(iona)riends. XP Next time though, more peanutbutter, more surgar, not putting them on the top wrack in the oven.


Says the one who weights 200 pounds.

When you’re hungry or when you’re lacking in a certain nutrient your brain tells you to go for food that contains the most of that particular nutrient or the easiest food around that has the most calories; usually those that are high in sugar or fat or salt. Once your nutrient or energy levels are an at acceptable level your brain tells you you’re full.