Controllers for the Quadriplegic

I’m very passionate about videogaming and seeing news like this makes me think about my true calling in life.

Dude makes controllers for the disabled.

I’ve already done some programming tricks with Wiimotes, PS2, PS3 and Xbox controllers, mostly to use them to operate my PC’s. At one point I was building my carputer and didn’t have a touchscreen at hand, so the whole input was via a Sixaxis and Window’s virtual keyboard. So I am really considering now coming up with my own mouth-operated controllers, with Arduino or something like that…

Going to make one, test it, then release some instructable on how to DIY one so that anyone can make a cheap controller. I have an idea for something without the blowing and sucking controls for now, not for videogaming, but so that a quadriplegic person can user a PC with more than voice control. Because, if they can use a PC properly, then they can do so much more. Anything connected to that PC becomes available to the one using the controller.

So, any thoughts? Anyone wanna discuss this and talk about a project?

This reminds me of a local guy who was on the news. He is physically disabled (can’t use his legs) but helped design a platform for wheelchairs that let’s disabled people play games that require foot pads. There was a skiing game or something that they were testing it on.

I would embed the M.C. Hawking Quake Master video from youtube, but i’m too lazy to look up how to embed vids here.




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You see those buttons above where you type stuff? See that film strip ALLLLLLL the way to the right of them? right next to the picture of a tree in a picture frame? Yeah. Click the film strip.

Ren, would it be something similar to the TrackerPro?

Good luck with your project – it’s a worthy endeavor.

thank you guys

No man, thank you.

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Cool! Like this?


Do you think these guys will ever be able to play at a competitive level?

There’s only one way to know, but the one in the article says he’s doing so already.

I remember reading about some blind guy kicking ass in some Mortal Kombat game… perhaps they just need to figure out how to play the fright games now

So I’ve managed to disassemble my Sixaxis, and got the board to work with my PC. The button contacts were in a separate board (actually, a membrane tact switch) so as it is the only buttons working are the ones for the sticks.

I’m going to rewire the button contacts on the main board to a new device, probably using piezoelectric sensors so one can use their breath, blowing and sucking, for input. And then I’m going to extend one of the sticks somehow, and pass a tube connected to one such piezoelectric sensor through the stick extension. This way I could have, like, the mouse cursor and both left and right click commands all in one piece, and a person who can only move her head could still use most of a regular PC functions. They could type with a virtual keyboard and then they could read and send emails, browse the internet and such.

I’ve already made the software which turns a controller into a mix of keyboard and mouse, now all I need is to get the wiring right and something built which is comfortable to use with one’s mouth.

Ren, check this out, too.

Thanks :slight_smile: That gave me some interesting ideas.

I’m having some trouble rewiring a Dualshock 3, but I’m almost at something you could use with your mouth only. When it’s done I’ll try for stuff you can play with only one hand, or using a hand only for the motion of one of the sticks.

Get them using their tongues, and you’ll have the best blow job trainer on the market.

Nah, I’m kidding. This is great work you’re doing here. Maybe if I were to lose all four of my limbs while flushing a toilet or trying to vault over a Jedi who holds the high ground, you could hook me up with one of these babies.

I’d be a dick and mute the TV. >_>

Something funny happened yesterday. I found a store selling lots of bootleg Sixaxis controllers, at what would be USD 15 a piece. So I brought one home and they’re so much easier to modify than my disassembled Dualshock! The soldering points are much bigger, and its circuit is much simpler and more straightforward. I also lucked out and found pieces of my old Guitar Hero drum kit, the cymbals only, but each of them has a piezoelectric sensor inside, which is just what I need for the air tubes. So I might be able to finally finish something usable this weekend.