Contra 4

Is kicking my ass, as it should be. WHAT ABOUT YOU?

I had no idea it was being made, let alone already out. What system is it for?


Also, I’m kicking myself for forgetting about it while I was out shopping today.

After playing it for a few days, I can definetively says it lives up to the Contra namesake. Tons of stuff to unlock with the fun Challenge Mode. Including other characters!

Mind you, most of the changes is cosmetic(altought I SWEAR Probotector is slower andlarger…and Lucia is smaller and faster than the regular characters) but still!

Free Contra and Super C!

It will be ours soon, yes; they stole our precious gollum, gollum

Enjoying it thus far, will hopefully get to try multiplayer tomorrow.

Kicking my ass too. I hadn’t played one since Probotector and I’m getting a beating.