Connection question

Hi I recently discovered that my computer has wireless connection capabilities. But I have not asked to give a credit card number, phone number, etc. There is no one really company, does this mean that other than the fact people can see what I do on the computer, and my files this is a form of free internet? 5 months and so far not been charged.

You’re most likely leeching internet from your neighbours or something.

Wouldn’t that mean I’d be getting web links and sites they were viewing at the same time onto my computer? How is it I can do it at any hour? I was afraid earlier I might be leeching it off my neighbors, but the fact i could go on line any time when ever, and not log into aol, or whatever. I have a toshiba I can’t remember the number.

If your neighbor has broadband internet and an unsecured wireless hub then they probably leave it on all the time.

That’s what I am told when I “log” on with my toshiba, that this is an unsecured wireless something or other. Does this mean I’m getting it from someone else, or for free, yeah, yeay, I know nothing is for free, but I would like to know.

No, just because you’re using their connection doesn’t mean that you’re automatically connected to every computer on their network. It also doesn’t mean that your computer is under any threat either, unless you’ve turned on read/write sharing (which is, by default, off). Enjoy the free ride :slight_smile:

So it is free internet?! Cool!

Just so long as I’m not doing anything illegal.