Condiments kick ass

So, what’s everyone’s favourite condiment? I happen to like Mustard, myself.

Horseradish, that stuff is intense. Wasabi to, although you can’t get real wasabi in the states in most restaraunts.

How do you tell if it’s real? The last hardcore japanese restaurant I went to had it, and it looked pretty real to me.

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The Japanese refuse to export it or something, ususally what you get is some sort of mixture of horseradish and hot mustard, I’ve heard it tastes pretty much the same as real wasabi though, so what’s the difference.

Once, a condiment uppercutted some kid just because the kid opened a window. They’re totally awesome.

Mustard. The hotter the better. Oh, and Chilli powder on ANYTHING.

Salsa. It makes my tortilla chips ten times better!

Ketchup flows through my veins.

Do you put ketchup on your eggs?

Man, what DOESN’T taste good with Barbecue Sauce? I’ve tried it on just about everything…any type of bread, meat, or chicken, and even fried fish. Some of my friends say I had Fruit Loops with BBQ sauce, but that’s not true :stuck_out_tongue: That was a joke from the old Sinbad sitcom. :stuck_out_tongue:

Relish, man. Relish.

Either that or steak sauce.

Or duck sauce.

Brown sauce! Nothing beats a bacon sarnie with brown sauce & mustard. :slight_smile:

Indian SPICY Curry. breathes flames

I was gonig to say something simple like ketchup, but after reading all the ones here, I like any food that can’t outrun me (except Tofu), including condiments.

Tofu can outrun you… the special tofu bred by the New World Order, that is. HehehehaahahahaohohahHAAHAHAHA!

I have to say that there has to have honey mustard (for my sandwiches of course), BBQ sauce, and of course some kind of dressing for my salads(perferably poppy seed dressing.)

Honey Mustard

A draw between mustard (French or German) and horseradish.

Hot Chilli Sauce!
breathes bigger flames than Mabat