Concerning Book of Alcahest...

Take it down, please. It will never be finished.

I have neither the time or the energy to complete this fic. Therefore, it’s “on permenant hold”, or, as I told sad, crazed, sugar-obsessed Digimon fanatics on another forum once, “dead”. I don’t want it staring me in the face whenever I look at the incomplete section, though, so I want it gone.

Yes, I know it’s sad when a writer has to discard something he’s been working for a long time on, but I lost interest in Alcahest a while ago. Unlike Sweet Home, the FFs, the QFG series, and various other games I write fanfics about, Alcahest has very little to keep drawing you back. The FFs have nostalgia and innovative elements, Sweet Home has an awesome gameplay system and cool music, and the QFG series has great humor and a cool gameplay style. Alcahest is basically a straight-forward action RPG; it’s fun the first few times, then gets old REAL quick.

For those who were awaiting new chapters, I’m sorry. I did write one more, but it will never be seen. For those Alcahest fans who have the urge to strangle me in my sleep, I have this to say: sorry, but Alcahest isn’t the greatest game ever. Like I said before, it’s good for a few run-throughs, but then gets old. Zelda was always better anyway, even though I think Link is HIGHLY overrated. Of course, I won’t do Zelda fanfics; there are simply too fucking many. But I’m getting off-topic here.

I could spend all this time apologizing, which I have, but let me fill you in on something, before anyone gets the urge to flame me via e-mail for this (which is always a possibility): I have a lot going on right now. The non-stop fic updating the people at the boards enjoyed has to stop for a while. First, I have school; my first year at community college, to be exact. I’m in school all afternoon for two days, all morning for two more days, and have lots of homework as well as classes on the fifth day. Also, my family’s landscaping the back yard, so that cuts into the weekends. Basically, my life is hectic right now.

Personally, I hate to do this. I can’t stand walking away from a project. So far, I’ve only had two failures before this. First was a Live-A-Live fic, which I tried to write when I was fairly inexperienced. I forgot about it for a bit, hanged out around the media forum, picked up some tips, looked back at it, and decided that I couldn’t fix it, so I canned it. The second was another RPGC fic called “RPGC: The Soap Opera.” It was suppossed to be a parody of my least favorite type of entertainment: soap operas. It ended after two chapters, which were mercifully whiped out. I couldn’t figure out how to match my usual fic style to a soap opera, and thus, it came out like crap.

Now, I beat most of you haven’t every played Alcahest. I hope I haven’t driven you away from a fun, but temporary, experience. I suggest any action-RPG fan try out Alcahest at least once, especially a bit later on…Crap. Forget that last sentence. Still play Alcahest once, though.

Once again, please understand why I’m doing this. To any fans of Book of Alcahest, I’m sorry.

-d Galloway

I’m sorry to hear that Galloway, not as much for the sake of the fic itself but more for what you are feeling as well. I will take it down in the next update, but I will keep a backup if you ever change your mind. You never know what the future brings, after all.

And as I’ve said before, you have to take care of yourself and not push yourself too hard, if you do then you’ll burn yourself out. Your life and your writing for the sake of writing is more important than daily board updates - we can wait, because we know that it’s good stuff we’re waiting for.
If you feel that you need some support about your writing that you can’t find here, I warmly recommend “Writing down the Bones” by Nathalie Goldberg. It’s a fabulous little book for tired writers :slight_smile: