Conan O'Brien

Well, tonight, Conan O’Brien’s show is going to be completely clay animation. I hope you’re all going to watch it (at least on ComedyCentral tomorrow).

The term is Claymation!!!

No, see, claymation is copyrighted, so Conan dubbed it clay animation. But, if you say it fast enough, it sounds like claymation.


I set my tivo to record it, but theres a 50/50 chance it will record a infomercial instead.

oh thanks for reminding me, I’ll have to see it.

I’ll watch it tonight; if me likes, me watch and tapes tomorrow.

Claymation, along with puppet shows, has been really popular in Norway. At least as long as they kept it to the Children’s Show on NRK. ( NRK = Norway’s only legal tv channel till the 1990s. )

it was a real cool concept. Interesting at least. There was a claymation Mr. T!

i missed it last night, but anything involving Mr. T on the conan show can’t be that bad so i might catch it tonight