Comrades, I can't remember when the the last time I teared up out of joy.

But now I have.

I’m sorry but I didn’t see what was so good about that…all it was to me was “Crush capitalism! Hurrah for Communism! Let’s dance and sing!”.

Exactly! :victoly: :hahaha;

All right, so that’s 5 and half minutes I’ll never get back.

Well you might like that but I personally don’t :stuck_out_tongue:

Viva la Revolutioné?

I’m sorry, but proclaiming one’s victory over the capitalists by just saying you did is about as effective as hippies chaining themselves to trees, proclaiming they’ve won over land-raping developers…and then getting mowed down by bulldozers. :stuck_out_tongue:

Also…I demand more cowbell in that vid.

Propaganda is awesome. Even if only for entertainment purposes. Though, admittedly, I tend to lean more towards a socialist way of thinking

The time is set in 1917.

That would have been funny, except it wasn’t.

<oh sod that>

I applaud you. :moogle:

I agee, id rather watch some crap on lifetime then that crap.

Go back to Russia!!!

How did that make you tear up out of joy?

yeah lifetime sounds pretty good right about now, Nightmaregun.
how come Lifetime is supposed to be for chicks, but all the movies are like, about women getting beat or raped? that would kinda piss me off if i was a woman.

oh yeah… Go Back To Russia!!! :victoly: