Computer thingy problem

Ok, this is just a problem I’m having with the display onscreen. Occasionally the display will just freeze, I can still move the mouse but I can’t click on anything, and everything stops moving. However if I’m listening to music or playing a game it continues running (and that means I tend to die if I’m playing a game >>). Anyone have an idea on this one?

Get a new computer.

Shut up Starshade.

Flint, you might wanna check to see what’s running in the background.
If you’re running Windows XP, this shouldn’t be a problem. Just press alt+ctrl+del and go to processes, and end any ones not under SYSTEM, or don’t end ones you’re using. If that doesn’t fix it, you might wanna check for spyware. If that doesn’t fix it, try defragging, that’s what helped me.

Starshade: This computer was brand new six days ago, so buying a new one isn’t exactly viable.

Steve: I cleared off spyware already, so maybe I will just try defragging and see if that helps. Thanks.

Check if the Graphics Card is loose. Something similar happened to me once and I just had to tighten the card.

My graphics card is onboard though, but I’ll still try to check it, if I can find it. >>

Also, when I boot up Defragmenter it’s like “You should defragment Drive F!!!”, heehee. So I did.

You might wanna defragment your C drive if that’s your hard drive. Also, make sure you turn off everything else x.x;

Did it come with XP preinstalled? I’ve had nothing but trouble with computers that came with XP preinstalled, and if possible, I’d reinstall it.

No, it wasn’t preinstalled, and the F drive is my main drive. (C is backup)

The most logical explination is that there’s a problem with your video drivers, intergrated video cards a notoriously bitchy about these things and even a small innocent mistake can cause a lot of trouble. The best advice I can give you is to check on your manufacturer’s website and download the latest drivers, make sure that you get exactly those for your card, if you have and A7A.2C for example don’t get drivers for an A7A.2D, they might work, but not very well.

You really should get a real video card when you get the chance, on board ones are fine if you’re working in an office doing word processing, but if you plan on watching movies or playing games it just won’t do.

Windows XP?
Service Pack 1 is known to cause freezeups and slowdowns on certain computers: That’s why it has been nicknamed Sirup Pack 1.