Computer problems...

We just installed Windows XP, and everything works fine, but there’s no sound.

I looked around, and the thing doesn’t seem to be finding any sound devices.

My speakers seem to be functioning alright…what could be done to fix this?

Try reinstalling your sound card and/or update the drivers.

Um…how do I do that? ^^;;

Yeah, I’m an idiot.

Find out soundcard’s brand
go on website
download drivers
install drivers
go take bathroom break

What Zero said, only thing he forgot is “Reboot computer” =P

Okay…thanks. I’m gonna try that a bit later. My dad wants to check in with the guy who installed the new stuff for us first, though.

BTW, I’m pretty sure our sound card is…um…like, a part of our motherboard. Don’t know what the word for that is…just thought that that should be noted.

EDIT: S’all good now. Thanks, everyone.