Computer issue.

I just though i would <strike>bug the shit out of you</strike>call on your expertise and wisdom, to help me solve a computer problem i have.

My mom is back in school, and she has some project or something due tomorrow at noon. She needs to print out the project, which is already completed on her computer.

Her computer is a laptop, Dell Inspirion 3700, but unfortunatly for her, it wont start.

It was running fine last afternoon, running on AC power. It was shut down normally, and she encountered no problems while using it. Today, less than 12 hours later, it wont start.

The battery has indicator lights on it, and they respond when the battery is not in the laptop. The lights indicate that the battery is at full charge. The AC power cord lights up, so it is getting current. I took out the modular bay, and tested it in a different laptop, and it works fine too.

Everything about that laptop is fine, except it wont start.

I called Dell tech support, and some of my friends, and they said to try reseating the ram, in case it had shaken loose. I did that, and still no boot. Someone suggested testing the MoBo (motheboard), by booting with nothing but a floppy disk. No PCMIA, hard disk, battery, or modular bay, just a floppy boot disk. I still got nothing, which leads me to believe that-

A) The processor is unseated.

B) Its dead at the worst possible time.

So, anything you guys can come up with, any ways to start this thing, or any tests to narrow down the problem, would be <i>greatly</i> appreciated.

And also, if worst comes to worst, is it possible to just remove the hard disk with all the data, and drop it into my laptop? We both have the same model, though mine has a different bios version.

Thanks guys.

This might be a little simplistic but have you tried taking out the batterie and putting it back in. I had a problem with my laptop not starting one morning and that’s all it took to get it going again.

Yes, i had tried that.

But it doesnt matter now. I took the drive out of her laptop and put it in mine, and backed up all of her important files, so the important schoolwork is safe. Now we are sending it back to dell for repairs/replacement.