Computer Insanity

Well, I’ve had this tin can for over two years, and I’ve never had to format it so far, despite the way it has developed a few quirks. This time, it seems that whenever someone tries to use the “Save As” menu to pick a location for the file, the program locks up for no apparent reason. The same has also happened when I tried to specify the location of a scanned drawing I wanted to submit to deviantart. Besides that, this thing will also, on occasion, crash Windows Explorer when I right-click to check file properties or something like that. I’m currently running a full system scan, just in case something managed to sneak in, but if that’s not the case, then I’m at a loss. I’m feeling tempted to format this thing, but I wanted to be sure that’s the only way of solving these issues, since I still have a few Gbs worth of data to properly backup.

The answer is simple…your computer is demon-possessed.

You haven’t formatted in two years. For god’s sake man, do it. It’ll probably fix your problem and do your computer a world of good.

Thing is, the damn Windows XP CD is nowhere in sight. If I had it here, I could probably do all the backups, format, reinstall and maybe even update a few drivers all in one day. I don’t know where my antivirus’ CD is either, and I don’t want to leave this thing wide open to intrusion.

I’ll friggin’ send you an ISO if you can’t find it. And an antivirus program.

Thats not good. That means the API that controls that browse/save window and right click menu is messed up. I’d just say format.

format c:

Sadly that is actually the correct solution this time

deltree c:*.* /y

It could be that some malfunctioning piece of hardware is freezing your computer every time it’s detected. Maybe a second hard drive, or a floppy drive? But yeah, regardless, you should reformat your hard drive.

Blame the Registry and Format.