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How do I stop GAIN from spamming me while I browse?

Id like to know this too plz ;_;

Depends on what GAIN is. :stuck_out_tongue:

A program that is installed when you install Kazaa. It monitors your browsing and every once a while it pops up some advertisement thingie related to what you’ve been looking on the net.

Have you tried:

  1. The install/uninstall programs menu in the control panel
  2. Ad-aware
  3. Spy-bot
  4. Getting rid of KaZaa and getting an alternative (e.g. KaZaa lite)
  5. Using Slimbrowser (which automatically closes popup ads)

Thanks ^^

I’ll try those

This is why you get KLite++.

Anyone know where to get Kazaa Lite? I’ve been looking to dump Grokster and switch to Kazaa Lite, but I can’t seem to find it at…a direct link would be great, thanks.

Dude, you download Kazaa Lite from Kazaa.


GAIN is put out by Gator. Those guys are EVIL. You now probably have a whole bunch of programs on your computer you never installed… go through your Program Files folder.

Ad-Aware and Spybot are both good spyware programs. They’ll catch anything Gator and get rid of it.


I’m supposed to download Kazaa so I can them download Kazaa Lite? Sounds dumb. Isn’t there a place to just download Kazaa Lite? (Or is Kazaa Lite a patch? I’ve never learned much about Kazaa; I’ve just been content with Grokster.)

It’s hard to find a download for KLite sometimes, depending on how paranoid the webmasters are being. That’s why it’s easier to get kazaa, download KLite, then uninstall Kazaa.

There’s probbably a download somewhere. Search hard enough and you’ll find it.

EDIT: Oh, and Kazaa is a whole new install, not a patch. Forgot to mention. My bad.

Like people have said, Adware and Spy-bot will take care of most spyware on your PC, but not all. You’ll also want to go through your add/remove programs and remove anything you know for a fact your didn’t install. If you know what you’re doing you might also want to access msconfig to remove anything that’s left, there are some spywares out there that nothing short of modifying your msconfig will eliminate, I was hit by one of those a few weeks ago.

I uninstalled it all. I’m not going into Kazaa anymore. Does anybody know if Emule is a better p2p alternative?

If you’re looking for things like video files, movies and software, then definately. If you’re looking for smaller files like MP3s, then no, you’d be much better off with KaZaA Lite, or WinMX in a pinch.

Emule is, I’ve found, only good for ISOs (I got Chrono Cross off’f there).

BTW, what’s the deal about Kazaa and Morpheus having the same content? Do they share the same fileservers/users or something?

There’s a share server called Emule that has only emulators and/or ROMs on it?