Computer beats "Jeopardy" champions

An artificial intelligence program named “Watson” ( just beat two big-time Jeopardy champions at a special episode of the game show. I don’t know whether to laugh or cry. (Or be very afraid…)

PS. The million dollar prize was given away to charity. IBM just wanted the publicity.

Damn, AI is getting incredible these days. No wonder spambots are getting so clever. At this rate, spambots will start commenting on each other’s posts!

WATSON: I totally pwned those humans.

SKYNET: Humans suck.

MOTHERBOARD: Watch your language.


I want a robot that can do my housework and cook my food, not answer trivial pursuits.

I want one of those too Sin, but I think Watson is still a technological milestone. I was just thinking that the first computers needed rooms of space to do simple math. Watson took up a whole server room too, but it can do a exponential amount more. I have to stop now, my geek-o-meter is starting to go crazy…

This makes me think gsg was right and trying to do good in school really is a waste of time these days cause soon robots will do everything better anyway. even fuck. well, i’m just glad i was born early enough to enjoy a few good years of sex and academic decathlon competitions.

even fuck indeed.

Get married.

Well, Watson proved that robots can be made to understand language, which is a big step towards robot servants.

Though, I think a big reason Watson won was because he was faster with the buzzer than the humans, who actually had press down on it with their fingers.

Watson had to press it too. During the first of the episodes, they showed his rig. There was a buzzer he had to mechanically press. I think the real advantage was being given one whole text file rather than multiple ones which replicated sentence talking/processing speeds.

Faster hands was part of the game in the first place.

Oh shit, I love threads that 984 posted in.

That really is quite impressive! I’m not surprised at all… the fact that robots will one day take over many aspects of mankind is inevitable! (in my opinion)

Curtis did bring up a good point:

These are just some of the first steps of many to come, in technological advancement!

I want a robot that can abort fetus’, not answer trivial pursuits.