Computer asking me about network type

Okay, it might be nothing but it weirded me out because the help said “the first time you connect to a network, you should specify what kind of network it is” about my internet connection, and it really shouldn’t be the first time. I don’t recall being asked about this before so maybe it has something to do with the Windows updates I downloaded the other day. It’s asking me if it’s a home network, work place or public. I’m in an apartment complex where each apartment is private owned but the broadband is supplied by the company owning the building itself.

I really should get Spybot again, shouldn’t I -_- I swear my computer is possessed.

It’ll occasionally glitch and ask again, in my experience. I usually set it to ‘work’ so I don’t have to deal with home groups.

Yeah, Nulani’s right! It’s most likely a glitch… I wouldn’t be too concerned about viruses or spyware (but then again… it wouldn’t hurt to scan anyway! :D) But, it’s no biggie… just follow the prompts and reconfigure it. It should go away.

Alrighty, thanks. After all the crap I’ve gone through with this comp, I jump if it as much as speeds up the fan for a bit.