Composing (I'm looking in your direction, SG)

Is anyone familliar with Led Zeppelin songs such as Ramble On, Battle of Evermore, The Rain Song, Going to California? I’m asking this because I want to emulate the tone of those songs, especially The Rain Song and Ramble On.

I can easily get dreary, depressing metal tones without even trying, but I can’t figure out how to create the kind of bright, atmospheric, powerful feeling I get from those songs.

I’m looking for someone who is good at analyzing music to tell me what scale, key, and chord progression those songs use, and if there are any general rules they can suggest for me to achieve the same sound. I’m NOT looking for sheet music or tabs.

Well, The Battle With Evermore has a mandolin in it. Mandolins are tuned to major chords so that would give it that happy bouncy feel. And I know that Jimmy Page uses a lot of different tunings, and I think he uses a G major chord for The Rain Song. Well, after confirming with Guitar Pro, apparently its a G suspended 4th.

I don’t have too much music theory knowledge other than what scales and chords are and how to use them, so I guess I can’t really help you that much. My advice is that you start taking lessons to learn more music theory. I think lessons would help you especially since you seem to have a desired direction to go in.

I don’t really listen to led zeppelin, but if you find a way to upload the songs for me, I’ll be more than glad to check it out for you.

Can I just dcc them on IRC if I ever catch you on?

I suppose you could, but my university firewall gets me even WORSE send speeds than I had at home. So, I mean, if you wanna do that…then sure… :stuck_out_tongue: