I put this here for complaints. Although personally I really like these forums, I could make a suggestion. It bothers me that people closed one of my threads for no reason. What is wrong with a thread about Monty Python’s Princess Mononoke?

:bowser: :hahaha; :too bad:

It was less you, and more of the two other people posting replies that really didn’t add anything. I just felt that had I left it open, more people would have posted the same kind of worthless posts.

No offence, it’s just a really common trend around here.

Ya, i hate it when they clos posts for no reason, i just think it would be nice if they gave an explaination for the colsing of the thread, like pappy’s daughter made a thread called which celebreaty(spell check) are you destined to kill? and murray closed it, and for nmo apparant reason, and he was a mad duck at the time, whats up with that? I just think its wrong to close a thread, besause you disslike it, the fair ones i see are Rogue paladin train, The 984( i think thats his name…or her, and a couple others. I cant remember their usernames

Murray is a new member. Dont assume that the last person who replied, closed the thread. I notice that many times, a mod or admin will close threads without warning (such as SK) and leave it to us to think about why it got closed in the first place. Good tactic.

If you want to know who can close threads and where, look up View Forum Leaders underneath the forums. There are some who aren’t listed though.

Most of the time if a thread is closed without reason posted, it’s because it’s off topic (or spam like cigmania, but that’s obvious).

The 984 is a hot chick.

tee hee ^.~

Damn Murray, he’s a loose cannon, he is.

Where Sin? I thought he does it…

I’m a pale imatation…

Now 984 in a bikini… Hot mama.

Don’t you have that pic, Cala? It used to be in your sig.

ok, i understand now, im sorry, i dont now half the peoples genders on this site, im all confused most the time, any who ow i know the 984 is a hot chick and a hot mama in a bikini…i feel odd for saying it, but if what you are all telling me is true, then i shouldnt.

Well now you know. And knowing’s half the battle.

GI JOE!!! lol…I love it.

i wish to dodge a compliant

you cant, cuz you cant hadle the power to dodge a complaint…wait…thats scary, i didnt even understand what i said. Dang.

I just linked to 984’s staff folder for it. I was hoping he’d bust it out.