I’m hardly a connosieur of fine advertising, but we’ve all seen commercials we like. Is there any place online where I can find information about TV commercials (or, even better, a download)? I saw this one for Universal Studios Florida the other day that had this old guy dancing really fast in odd places to fast music, and I was on the floor laughing. I want to BE that old man.

Edit: Revision: After seeing it again, it’s a Six Flags commercial.

Yea, I love that commercial too. And I’ll probably BE that old man, 30 or so years from now. I’ll certainly do my best to be! I can see my sisters now:

-NEVER!!! :ah-ha!:

But you know, I was thinking to make a thread about commercials too, since we’ve had several new interesting ones come out after the Superbowl. Some I like, Some I hate.

Worst: The Quizno’s Sandwiches ones. (What the !@#$ are those annoying things??)

Best: The latest Mastercards commercials (featuring the lost dog getting back home.) :hahaha;

Oh, and I’m pretty sure you can easily Google for the kind of site you want, Trian. Many people are TV Ads fans.

I don’t watch television anymore, but I saw those commercials online. They rock- how dare you have a different opinion!

And “those things” come from Rathergood’s “We Like The Moon!” which also rocks:

I guess I’ll have to insult you too then. Those things from the Quizno’s commercial make my ears bleed. It hurts. It hurts bad.