Comic Suggestions

I don’t know how many of you here collect comics, but I used to. Now I am getting back into collecting, but I need some suggestions about what to buy. Does anyone know anything that has been consistently good for the last year or so? Also, please do not give me 900 different types of manga to read. I’m looking for domestic shit.

Ok I Can Recomend AD2000…

Big Nutter
Oh yes… The Beano and The Dandy. Silly of me to forget.(Ask Any UK member.)

I usually read graphic novels. A few I can recommemd are Kingdom Come - Justice League in the future, The Way Of the Rat - martial arts comic based in ancient China, Bone - creatures resembling caricatures get run out of town and end up in a valley with humans, rat-creatures and a dragon.

I reccomand checking out DC’s Preacher and Hitman, and Wildstorm’s StormWatch and it’s “sequal”, The Authority. I also recently got a copy of the first Hellboy book, and I quite liked that. I plan on getting more of them.

All excellent comics.

Try out the new Alpha Flight. Its more silly then serious, but I enjoy it.

Read the X-men, its super cool, its about these damn kids with super powers

I’ll lend you blade of the immortal, unfortunatly its japanese, but its hyper violent

I have the whole Naruto series in English, I can send it to you but it’s some 700 mb.


You haven’t read ALL of blade of the immortal!

Yeah, and naruto is pretty cool, unfortunatly it was made in japan, i could give you a CD with a bunch of issues on it though, or you could download them at

The preacher looks cool, i’ll have to pick up that collection sometime

If all else fails, just go to the hot topic, and pick up some pretentious goth comics about girls who cut themeselves or something

Deadpool pwns your ass. Best superhero ever.

BMO, do you mean yu have BotI? I’ve always wanted to read that but I never wanted to buy it. Any chance you could get on IRC sometime? :3

Heh, unfortunatly i just have the books, but not scanned. I offered to lend them to sycho since he lives close to me. But i highly recomend it, its worth the money to buy it since the art is just so damn good.

Heh, track down the Age of Apocalypse series.

You mean the X-Men story arc where Xavier was killed? That was awesome

Best stuff right now: Superman and Batman. DC is pumping their best writers and artists into them. There is even a monthly comic featuring BOTH of them together!

Best stuff from Marvel is the Ultimate Books, or so I hear. ( I HATE their version of the Avengers, tho.) ::dekar!::

There are many good independent (non-Marvel or DC) comics, but they’re usually lost in a sea of mediocre ones, and tend to get cancelled early. I recommend ASTRO CITY, TOP TEN, LEAGUE OF EXTRAORDINARY GENTLEMEN, INVINCIBLE and POWERS. Oh, and you find non-superhero comics mainly among indies too.

Best advice: As mentioned, head to the Graphic Novels section. The best story arcs always get collected. The prices are usually fair, and they often have extras like interviews or extra stories.

in terms of widely-read comics, anything under the Ultimate line is absolutely brilliant right now. Ultimate X-Men, Fantastic Four or Spider-Man. If you’re a DC guy, pick up the first two issues of the Identity Crisis miniseries (the Jim Lee Superman arc going on right now is also awesome).

other books out regularly I’d recommend Gotham Central and Astonishing X-Men right now.

Sandman, Neil Gaiman.

other collections would include:

-Watchmen, by Alan Moore
-Grant Morrison’s work on New X-Men (you can find in hard or softcover form)
-the Unthinkable and Authoritative Action story arcs for Fantastic Four by Mark Waid (in softcover)
-The Dark Knight Returns by Frank Miller
-Brian Michael Bendis’ 28-issue Alias series (no relation to the TV show)

I have the Dark Knight Returns and I must say that was THE best Batman one shot series ever.

I really like the Ultimate series right now, I got all the x-men collections. They’ve done a REALLY good job with them right now, and its pretty cool seeing the orgins again. The Ultimate series also hasn’t been weirded out by time (like all the spiderman clones in the original spiderman)